Weekend alone, part 1

So far, in my time alone I have:

  • folded and hung up tons of laundry
  • eaten a McDonald’s salad
  • pet my cats
  • talked to the kids on the phone
  • enjoyed 4 beers
  • took care of my kids’ webkinz
  • watched HGTV
  • texted with friends who actually have a life
  • pet the cats again
  • tortured myself with sad music on youtube
  • bored my BFFLMNOP to death on the phone
  • got mad at myself for not doing anything fun
  • got angrier with myself for not even knowing what fun is
  • looked at the possible movies to watch on demand
  • got annoyed with myself for sitting on my ass
  • 25 sit ups
  • pet the cats again
  • opened another beer
  • ate a cadbury cream egg
  • read a few blogs
  • typed this blog

Seriously…I fuckin’ suck.  This has got to get better.  The vicadin in my kitchen is looking more and more appealing.


One Response

  1. You took care of the Webkinz?! Gah, I SUCK as a mother – Eldest’s Webkinz pet died 6 months ago, I think, due to lack of water and food.
    Reason #1 why we don’t have a real animal in the Trenches.

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