This is what happens when you don’t blog for months…

Why is it that throughout my entire blog hibernation, I had a million experiences and thought “I really need to blog about this,” but now that I’m actually back from my hiatus…I got nothin’.  I have lots of little blips of thoughts, but nothing significant.  Maybe it just takes some practice to get back into it again.  Like roller skating.  I used to be a kick ass roller skater back in the day, so I was thrilled when Drama had a birthday party at the local roller skating rink a few weeks ago.  Yeah…ya know what?  I friggin’ SUCK at roller skating.  I mean…I didn’t fall down or anything (though I was thisclose more than a few times).  But my performance was laughable. 

You know what else is laughable? Or embarrassing…I’m not sure which one.  My “yeah, he’s kinda cute” crush on Zac Efron has morphed into a massive butterflies-in-my-stomach crush reminiscent of my feelings for Johnny Depp or River Phoenix back when I was a good roller skater.  I don’t know if it’s my psyche’s way of making the endless, mind-numbing hours of High School Musicals I’ve been made to endure more tolerable…but something about that boy (and yes…I’m aware he is a boy) makes me want to kiss the TV screen.  It has been somewhat of a professional advantage though…I can really relate to a lot of my tween and adolescent clients.  My boss thinks it’s great that I’m able to get down on their level and feign interest in what’s “cool.”  Little does he know I’m not “getting down” anywhere.  I am on their level. 

Maybe that’swhy I haven’t been blogging!  Maybe I’ve known all along that my fingers would hit the keys and I’d admit my lust for a young (but legal, mind you) boy man. 

To change the subject…because I think this has gone too far… I’m so looking forward to coming home from work tomorrow. Not because it’s Friday (though that’s awesome).  Not because I have a good bottle of wine waiting for me.  And definitely not because I have a few extra Vicodin from my dental experience yesterday.  It’s because when I get home…I will be alone.  Until Sunday.  Snoop is taking the kids to his parents’ for the weekend and leaving me to have some time alone (which I so desperately need).  Don’t get me wrong…I’m gonna miss those little stinkers sooo much.  By the time they roll in the driveway Sunday night I’ll be beyond ready to wrap my arms around all 3 of them and listen to every word they have to say. But until then I will be savoring the silence…  I am a little unsure what I’ll do with myself.  I do have to go into the office for a few hours on Saturday, but after that…who knows?  Coffee shop?  Book store?  Lake?  Funky shops downtown?  My couch?  Gardening?  Friend’s son’s t-ball game?  Exercise?  Drink?  Cook?  Clean?  The possibilities are endless and I love it!

Maybe I’ll go see 17 Again…
17 Again Pictures, Images and Photos

I’m going to hell.


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