Don’t call it a comeback…

So I’ve been hibernating for the winter (or my laptop has been broken and I’ve been really REALLY stressed and overwhelmed…hibernating sounds better), and I thought it fit to welcome myself back with a classic LL Cool J lyric.  Cause I’m cool like that.

I’m still really REALLY stressed and overwhelmed…words cannot even describe it.  But my laptop has returned from it’s cross country repair voyage, so there’s really no reason for me not to blog any longer.  In fact…I think I really need the therapy.  Maybe that’s exactly why I’m feeling this way…I haven’t had the creative outlet and I’m all pent up.  Kinda like when someone’s really cranky and people say “she needs to get laid.”  Well, apparently I need to get blogged.  So here I am.  With my pent up frustrations and crankiness will undoubtedly come lots of snarky, smart-ass posts and musings.  The best kind of therapy, indeed.


3 Responses

  1. Glad you’re back my friend!!

  2. Glad to have you back Amanda, I’ve missed you!!

  3. Welcome back! Bring on the snark!

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