I need to talk

It’s 11:41.  Way past my bedtime.  Way too late to be awake considering that my daughter’s 5th b-day party is tomorrow.  But still…I’m up and I’m feeling chatty.  And Snoop?  Well…his snores are keeping me company as he has sunken into the recliner that never lets him go.  So here are my random thoughts…


I was home from work today.  I have 3 “child involvement” days per year, and decided to take one today to make Drama’s cake.  I realize that isn’t technically what my employer had in mind, but at this point…I don’t give a shit.  I did have lunch with her at her preschool, and spent the entire rest of the day with her, so that constitutes “child involvement” in my book. I spent the day baking and shaping and icing my ass off.  I’d share a pic, but I’m lazy.  There will be one tomorrow I’m sure.  It’s a castle cake, and it rocks. 


During my baking, I tuned in to a bit of Live with Regis and Kelly.  Kelly Ripa has rubbed me the wrong way since the day she took over the tabloids.  Something about her skinny ass perkiness just bugs the hell out of me.  But today I found myself cracking up at her and it made me mad.  I kept catching myself laughing and relating to what she was saying and thinking “this is someone I could be friends with.” Then I’d get all pissed off at myself…”no, you hate her!”  Dammit…I was very comfortable in my hatred of her and then she has to go and make me laugh.  I don’t like when my preconceived judgements are challenged. 


Snoop just sat up abruptly in his chair and looked at me and said “What???”  I didn’t say anything.  He always does shit like that when he’s sleeping.  Once I tried to wake him up (for a valid reason, like work or something….not just to be a bitch) and he sat straight up, said “Huh? Make me a sandwich,” and went back to sleep.  Boog seems to have inherited this nonsense…he’ll often talk jibberish to me when I try to wake him and it provides me with hours of giggles.


I think I need to start a talk show.  I swear…I could write The Soup and Chelsea Lately and I could be BFF.  How cool would it be to work with your best friends, talk about things that amuse you, make people laugh, and be famous?  I need to look into this.  And I’m not talking some local cable TV shit, either.  I want big time.  Maybe I could start as a guest on the Soup or Chelsea and take off as my own thing in a year or so. I’d love that. 


I hate the economy for many many reasons right now.  The most pressing issue at the time is that I’m sitting here drinking Bud Light.  In a can.  Ick.  I hate cans…I’m a bottle snob.  And Bud Light??? What the hell is that??? I’ll tell you what that is…it’s $10 per 12 pack, and a guarenteed crowd pleaser (when your “crowd” is one friend who brings her own Mike’s Hard Lemonade and her Bud Light loving husband, anyway).  And you know what’s even worse??? I’m starting to actually like it.

Actually, I’m starting to like it too much.  I should probably stop typing before I say something I’ll regret.


2 Responses

  1. Boooo to Bud Light! Have fun at the party:)

  2. you decided should have called me earlier lady… i can’t wait to see a better picture of the cake

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