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I love discovering new TV shows.  I have standard genres that I can pretty much guarantee I’m going to love…anything trashy reality like Rock of Love (tho not anything involving Flava Flav or New York…I’ve discussed that before), real estate and home improvement shows (love me some House Hunters), and most Showtime and HBO series (L word and Dexter rock my world).  I’ve recently discovered two new shows that I didn’t think I’d like at all and I’m in TV heaven catching up on missed episodes courtesy of on-demand and DVR. 

First…True Blood.  (thank you for the recommendation, Bootyfull!)  While this does fall under the “HBO series” category, it’s about vampires and that is a subject that, for the most part, I have zero interest in.  I wasn’t real into it for the first 1 1/2 episodes, I think due in large part to the southern drawl spoken by most of the characters.  I’m surrounded by that shit every day and it seriously drives me crazy.  Now before any southern readers get their panties in a wad…I’m not talking about normal southern accents.  Just the lazy stewpid sounding ones.  But once I got over that, I have been sucked in.  Ha ha ha…get it??? Sucked in??? To a vampire show??? It’s got everything I love…drama, murder, sex, gore, drugs…AND some pretty fine boys.  And I think I’ve developed a small girl crush on Anna Paquin.  She has such pretty shaped lips…don’tcha think?

Anna Paquin Pictures, Images and Photos

Then last night, I decided to try out something new.  I couldn’t sleep and thought for sure that the new show “17 kids and counting” would put me out.  I was wrong.  I’ve always been oddly intrigued by the Duggars…you know, that weird super-conservative family with a million kids?  In the episode I watched last night, the oldest son got engaged.  It was all about their “courtship” beliefs and stuff.  Can you believe these people don’t even KISS before marriage???  I can understand saving yourself…sex-wise…for marriage.  Not for me, personally, nor something I’ll push on my kids (even though I know Drama’s going to be a virgin until after she graduates from Harvard medical school because she’ll be too dedicated to her studies and service work to want to complicate her life with sex and romance), but hey…anyone who feels it’s what’s right for them has got my blessing.  But kissing???  How can you marry someone, never having done more than hug them??? What if you’re standing there at the altar, you’ve said your “I dos” and the guy leans into you and smothers your face with a giant, wet, suffocating smooch?  How can that be worth it???

Anyway…that wasn’t really what I wanted to talk about.  I actually gained some respect for these people, the Duggar clan, watching their show.  They seem like the most genuine, nice, sincere, kind, real people. They probably literally would never hurt a fly.  What I saw was a house full of teenagers and school age kids…the kind of kids that are usually bratty as hell and make me want to ship Drama and Boog off to military school as soon as the first signs of puberty emerge…laughing together, loving each other, and genuinely enjoying each other’s company.  And the company of their parents!  I watched the show with such intrique…a kind of curiosity I have when I watch a documentary on alien life forms or ancient tribal customs.  I want to know more about these people.  I felt like I had discovered an ancient treasure or something…probably how that guy in the hat felt when he uncovered King Tut’s tomb.  I can’t wait to tune into my next recorded episode and learn more about the strange lives of JimBob and Jedidiah and Jennifer and Jinger and Joseph and all the other J’s.  Maybe I’ll learn something.  Like how it could possibly seem cool to name all SEVENTEEN of your children with names beginning with J. 

Acutally, that will never be cool.  Nor will going on all dates before marriage with a chaperone…who could very likely be your younger sibling.  But I’m sure there are other things I could learn. Like getting your slaves chilren excited about cleaning the house or vacantly happily smiling despite the crying children and days worth of laundry awaiting you.


2 Responses

  1. i have to check out that show…the vampire one…i love vampires.

    you…are so funny!! i’ll be back!

  2. The Duggars?!?! Seriously??? Oh my….my heart just got really sad reading that. All that came to mind when I watched that show was CULT. Ew.

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