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I just got back from my weekly get the hell out of the house and reconnect with my “me” identity and the house is remarkably calm and quiet…perfect time for a blog.  Not sure I have a lot to say, but if I don’t blog a certain friend will make me feel guilty about it…

Remember how I was bitching about leggings and the fact that the fact that they are “back” is just unacceptable?  Well, someone left me a comment and asked if I remembered stirrup pants.  Sadly…yes, I do.  I had many many pairs.  I’ve been happy that they have at least not come back.  I think I was wrong.  See these….



They’re from the latest line of stuff at The Children’s Place. Now, despite my hatred of leggings, I do dress Dramamama in them.  But she’s 4, and they look super cute on her.  But those things up there? No.  Not cute on anyone…of any age…ever.   Unless maybe they’re competing in gymnastics or something. 

I’m so excited for Halloween this year.  The kids are going to be vampires.  Boog came home a few months ago, proudly saying he was going to be a vampire for Halloween (which is shocking to me given his serious phobia of anything somewhat related to witches or scary things) and he’s convinced his sister that she “wants” to be one too.  I kinda wanted her to be some super cute witch, but she is easily swayed by her big brother.  He’s good at manipulating her…he tells her what he thinks she should do and before you know it, she couldn’t have been more set on the idea if she’d have come up with it herself.  By that point, it’s pointless for me to argue with her that she doesn’t have to do what Boog says, because now it’s truly what she wants.  He could be a fantastic politician. 

But I digress…so they’re going to be these people.  Well…much cuter people, in these costumes:

Photobucket    Photobucket

So I thought it’d be great for us to dress up as a vampire family for trick or treating.  I’m so envious of those families (*cough…Julie…cough*) who I see walking around all done up and theme-y together.  So I got it in my head that Snoop and I would be wearing these:

Photobucket    Photobucket

Hot, huh?

Yeah…not happening.  Snoop shot that one down as fast as I thought it up.  He’s so not into the dressing up thing…he’s such a poopy head.  So I’m doing the next best thing.  I’m wearing this:


While my super duper favorite friend Stacey wears this:


I’ll likely sport some crazy shiny fake eyelashes too…I find every reason possible to wear them. 

And Snoop can be a big old poopy-head in this: 


P.S…The “good witch” “bad witch” shirts are from Target.  AKA…heaven.


6 Responses

  1. snoop is a party pooper. who wouldn’t want to take advantage of there being one day a year where it is normal to dress as you please. by the way… i am getting old. i missed all of your calls, because i was in bed early.

  2. Where did you find the “good witch” “bad witch” tees? I have to have one!

    Hubby totally thought I was kidding when I asked him if he would dress up this year.

    I wasn’t.

  3. No.Fucking.Way! I was the stirrup pants commenter. Even though I sported a few pairs back in the day I can’t even see me buying those for my five year old! Leggins yes, stirrups!
    Love the costumes! I might have to get one of those tees for myself:)

  4. Sadly i saw stirrup pants for adults too, made me throw up inmy mouth alittle. i will gladly sport glitzy eye stuff with you but i will enjoy being the bad witch more than the good, and i already got the comment from you know who that it should just say bitch! love you!!!

  5. I love you girl! You crack my ass up! Love you lots!

  6. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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