I love to sit down sometimes with my best friend, my laptop, and discover things on youtube.  Of course I like the silly videos, favorite sitcom clips, and all that, but what I love probably the most is when I find videos of completely normal people doing completely amazing covers of songs.  Some of my current faves are…

I don’t know who they are, but they are awesome.  Nothing gets me like amazing harmonies…and these people hit it.  I also love how they made a techno-y dance/pop song (which I totally love as it is!) into more of a “haunting” kind of dramatic thing…

Then there’s this guy, Ben Deignan.  I found him a long time ago and I seriously love him.  He’s a little unique, and probably not most people’s taste, but for the most part I think he totally rocks.  This is one of my favorite songs ever, and I love the way he and his groovy friend re-did it…

So this song has brought tears to my eyes since I was about 9 years old… I can’t wait til the day Jon sings this to me at our wedding.  *sigh*  In the meantime I’ll just watch these girls and wish I could be their lame friend who has a terrible voice and has been banned to sit in the corner and watch.

I want to sound like this lady when I sing. I do in my head…I just don’t think it comes out quite right. Oh, and this one’s for you BFFLMNOP…I know it’s your favorite and you deserve a smile.

This looks like just some frat boy drunkard…but I like it.  This song is just awesome, and he makes it maybe even a little better.

Damn…I just got totally engrossed in watching all of that last guy’s clips.  He’s seriously good.  You should go there.  It’s like he does a cover of all of my best eclectic CD mixes (a little Sublime…mixed with some Poison…then some Mr. Big…)  Oh, and he does a kick ass OAR (hey Bootyfull…check thisout ;))  And he even does Marcy Playground…you know…”I smell sex and candy?”    When I was in college, Snoop used to always sing “I smell sexy Mandi” to me and I thought it was the most brilliant thing.  It probably wasn’t all that ingenious, but I was high drunk young and loved it.

I could seriously share this stuff all night.  But then you guys would get nothing done, and I can’t be blamed for that…


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  1. Oh how I love that song! Remember when we saw those 2 guys doing it on the boardwalk? They were pretty good too. Maybe they are on youtube somewhere! What a good trip! 🙂

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