Officially a momma…

When I was growing up, my mom always had one of these


in the fridge. Now that I’m a mom, I totally understand why. There have been many times I’ve wished for a little cardboard keg of wine in my fridge, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Once I discovered good wine, and increased my knowledge of what is and isn’t cool in wine culture, I tried to force the image of the pink and white box from my memory. Yes, I understand my brother and I likely drove my mom to the brink of sanity many many times…but my mom is cool. And cool people don’t drink cheap blush from a box wedged between the lunch meat and Turkey Hill iced tea. They just don’t. So I gave up on the fantasy of a wine box, and spent too many mornings nursing a giant soda, greedily swallowing 1600 mg of ibuprofen, wishing I had the self control to re-cork a damn bottle of wine.

I knew I’d be wanting a glass of wine tonight, following the constant drain of “he did this” and “she did that” I endured during a sleepover last night.  I alsoknew I’d be extremely angry at myself tomorrow morning if I had more than one…or two…ok, maybe two and a half…glasses, given that I have given my word to do this f’in 5K and have to get up for my “training” at 5AM tomorrow.  What’s a girl to do?

Simple.  She goes to Target and gets herself a wine cube.


I’ve admired the cute little cubical creations for the past few years…ever since moving to the south where Target is even more perfect because you can get some great wine in addition to your kids’ clothes, throw rugs, and birthday gifts.  But I’ve always been a little reluctant to get one.  Boxes of wine just seem so ickyto me…but they really do make sense.  So dammit…I gave in.  And ya know what?  It’s not half bad.  And it’s there whenever I need it.  So, like, tomorrow morning, when Drama gives me her “I’m to tiiiiiiired to brush my teeth” bullshit I could just sneak on into the fridge and grab a little taste.  

Not that I would…I’m just sayin’. 

So yes, I am now a proud wine cube mommy.  I do not have a box of wine…I have a cube.  It’s much classier.  And I think it will save my sanity many many times.


7 Responses

  1. OH my goodness I cant believe my kids drove you to drink BOX wine!!! I am so sorry, i hope you still love us!

  2. I discovered “The Black Box” and have it tucked nicely in my pantry. Never to be without one.

    Never in a million years thought I would drink box wine, but what do you do….

  3. Don’t look at box wine as icky….look at it from an OCD perspective…it’s terribly convenient for fridge placement. Really, why can’t all drinks come in squares?

  4. LOL! Okay, my friend drinks boxed wine… Daily… And she knows good wine, too… You know what a group of her friends did?!?! This is hilarious… They got her a silver wine box cover and had it beautifully engraved with her monogram! Tooo funny! So, her box of wine is beautfilly hidden by the silver box. Although, I guess most people would ask what the box is, while they would probably pretend not to see boxed wine faux pas… Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. But, still freakin’ funny. (And, I’d totally be insane without alcohol. No question!)

  5. Definitely the cube is cooler than a box. I may have to indulge in one myself.

  6. They tried the whole snobish thing with cock and look what the vineyards did … they changed to the plastic/foam cork … it’s only a matter of time (very short) until most move to a box.
    Anywho ~ working on my second glass while blogging. It’s a goo thing.

  7. Oh for goodness sake! It’s Good Thing not it’s a goo thing! The wine is working OSB sisters.

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