So I’m sitting here awaiting the arrival of Hurricane (or is it tropical storm???) Hannah and I’ve got a lot to say.  I’d love to be saying  it to Snoop…but he’s snoring in the recliner, long past rejecting my romantic advances.  I’d love to be sharing them with my BFFLMNOP but she’s not answering her phone (either cause she has a life or cause she doesn’t and she’s sleeping).  I’d love to be sharing them with my most Bootyful friend,  but she’s arguing with an annoying Giant Eagle cashier about her gift card and hoping for some long overdue lovin’ so… I’d love to be sharing them with Bean’s momma, but it’s well past midnight and I don’t want to wake sleeping babies or angry husband.  I’ve already shared them with my dogs…they were fairly unresponsive.  I’ve considered my cats, but they need their claws trimmed and are desperately in need of brushing (I hate cathairface).  I am watching I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry, but Chuck and Larry don’t seem to be responding as I want them to.  So…I resort to you, my faithful readers.   If you’ve come in search of Mario Lopez…go away.  He sucks.  If you’re hoping for some Flavor Flav…sorry folks.  He’s among the most hideous creatures ever.  If you’re here cause you love me (or you’re bored out of your mind…), read on…

  • One of my most bestest friends ever may have a brain tumor.  It’s not cancer or anything tragic like that…”just a pituatary tumor.”  But c’mon…a brain tumor, in any way shape or form, is never good.  I’m feeling optimistic, as is she, and I know she’ll be fine.  But this is weighing on me like nobody’s business.  She’s my Jenny…my sister if I ever could’ve chosen one…and this friggin’ sucks.
  • Another good (read:  bestest) friend recently lost a baby before she even knew he/she existed.  She’s doing fine, but it’s still killing me to know that my sista’s hurting and I can’t be there to hug her and tell her it’s so not her “fault.”  And that when the day comes, and the circumstances are as they should be…she will be an amazing momma.
  • My friggin’ legs hurt.  Read on.
  • I have given my verbal agreement to my brother to do the fucking turkey trot with him this Thanksgiving.  What the hell is wrong with me?! I am so NOT a runner.  Even back in the day…before I went back to work and had free gym-provided childcare…when I went to the gym 2 hours a day, I wasn’t a runner.  Gimme an eliptical and I’m on it.  An hour on a stair-climber?  No problem.  Step aerobics? Shit…no sweat.  Ask me to run more than a 1/4 mile and I’m done.  Done.  I was blessed with the flattest feet known to man, shitty knees, and the endurance of a fucking slug.  But I know I can do it…in theory anyway…and I do need some sort of motivation to work out cause I can’t stand the fatness anymore.  And I know that it would mean more than I know to my bro for the whole family (not counting my dad, cause he’s got bad knees too and I will need a babysitter) for us to all do this together.  So dammit…after three (or 4 or 5 or 16) weeks of  procrastination…I started my official “training” this morning.  More to follow, I’m sure…
  • Dave Matthews isn’t hot, right?  As I think I mentioned, I’m watching Chuck and Larry, and he’s got a little cameo in it. Which reminds me of how much I love him.  More specifically…how much I love Say Goodbye.
     Honestly…that song is just amazing. And it makes me almost want to do him.  Which, in turn, makes me question my sanity.
  • PM Dawn never should’ve stopped making songs.

Well…that was random, and possibly a little annoying.  Welcome to the life of a friend of mine. 😉 

Perhaps I’ll got to bed now.  Alone, since Snoop seems content in the recliner
Photobucket (exhibit A)
and I will be greeted with unwelcome cheerful children
Photobucket (exhibit B)

in under 6 hours.

God help me.


5 Responses

  1. Well…it’s a good thing you let me sleep a little bit, because then I was sweet and got up with the kids this morning and let you stay in bed until just before 11:00. Man, you’re lucky 🙂

  2. wow!! lucky you got to sleep in. damn, i missed a psu touchdown, because i am reading your very interesting posting last night. don’t worry, i did not have a life last night. i went to bed at yawn 11. besides you didn’t answer my call last night. shame

  3. Wow, you had a lot going on in your head with no one to talk to! Hope you got it all out:) Sorry to hear about both of your friends. Having had a brain tumor and a miscarriage just knowing someone is there for you is huge. Even though I don’t know you in real life, it seems you are a great friend!! Hope everything works out for them! Oh, and good luck with the training! I’m impressed!

  4. Say Goodbye is my all time favorite EVER.

  5. Add to that Ghetto Fabulous Giant Eagle cashier who retardedly was unable to find the gift card button on the cash register, then proceeded to tell my my card had nothing on it when it in fact had a $50 balance. Not to worry, as she was just “messin’ wit me”…..*sigh*

    Oh, and that long over-due lovin….CHECk. 😉

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