The power of the blog

When I first started this blog, I did it to offer a voice to the rambling thoughts in my head.  I tried (and failed) to create a blog numerous times before this one, but like all of the diaries and journals sitting in various storage boxes in my garage…nothing really came of them.  The more I wrote, the more I decided I really enjoyed it.  Especially when I started “meeting” other bloggers.  It’s funny how that happens…you click on a link, read a little, click another link, check out a blogroll, and before you know it…you’ve found yourself peeking into the life of someone that, until that moment, you never even knew existed.  You comment, they comment, and you find yourself with a little social network out there in cyberworld.  Probably everyone has their favorites…I know I do.  The ones that make you die laughing, the ones that make you feel like you aren’t the only one experiencing the insanity of life.  The ones that make you cry, and the occasional one that makes you feel just a little more normal because that person is just plain fucked up.  It’s actually kind of a humbling experience, in a way.  Just tonight I discovered (as a result of one of those click here-click there-how the hell did I find this one? situations) Punk Rock Mommy.  (I actually think I found her in the Trenches…one of my “I’m not the only one living this crazy life” favorites….go see her…NOW)  At first I was drawn to the title…she sounded like a cool chick.  What I found was the most amazing story of am amazing mom’s battle with breast cancer.  Sadly, she passed away this summer.  The family has continued her blog, chronicling their life as they pick up the pieces.  It’s such a raw and honest look into the life of this woman (and her family), and I felt honored to have found it.  I cried reading about her pain, adored pictures of her sharing time with her baby, and mourned reading her final, post-humus, post.  In the matter of an hour, I felt like I had met the coolest chick, become a part of her family’s life, and lost an amazing friend.  The fact that the Internet (which I typically hate because it seems to hate me so often) can do that is just amazing to me…

Another phenomenal blog is Flotsam.  Go read it.  Alexa is a  very talented writer, so not only does the content of her blog grab you, but the presentation and style ensures that you’ll stick around for quite awhile.  I spent the better part of a day a few months ago learning everything I could about her, her struggles to become a mother, the heartbreaking loss of her son accompanied by the amazing blessing of a tiny little baby girl.  When I read about her endless trips to and from the NICU to deliver breast milk to her baby that was too frail to even hold, I feel a little silly (for lack of a better word) for being so annoyed by Boog’s request for “more milk please” right when my ass hits the couch cushion.  Seriously…go read her stuff.  Amazing. 

Everyone on my blogroll rocks.  You really should go read them all…I do, and that’s exactly why they’re there.  But if you really want to feel like you’ve had the opportunity to “meet” some amazing people, and you’ve only got time for 2…you know where to go.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the blog reco’s Amanda. I’ll have to check these blogs out. I think Punk Rock Mommy is a very special place; what a testament of their love to keep it going for her. This made me cry.

  2. Thanks for the linky love–we definitely have the same reading tastes!

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