I think I can I think I can…

So after my whiny ass post last night, I decided that today would be my official “Get my shit together” day. Of course, seeing as how I have no time to do this shit after I get home…stupid businesses and their office hours…I’ve spent the last hour or so at work making phone calls to various doctors, dentists, insurance companies and other rather annoying places. This of course leads me to the problem that for the last hour or so I have NOT been doing work. The massive piles of client charts and half-written reports are screaming at me, and that fucking red light on my phone has been blinking since I came back from getting coffee. Two hours ago. I do feel a little guilty about ignoring people and professional obligations right now, but not that bad. I can’t tackle all that shit until I tackle my own personal shit (that’s kind of a nasty metaphor…can you imagine actually tackling your shit? Ewwww….). I’m getting a slight lift in my spirits with each “to-do” I cross off, and I have a feeling I’ll be less angry about doing the work I’m being paid to do once I don’t have the heavy weight of the shit I don’t get paid to do but still have to do because I’m an alleged responsible adult off of my chest.

I think another contributing factor to my funky funk of the past few days was seriously missing my kiddos. I was so glad they had a few days with my parents, because they all loved it and I did need the break from the constant demands and whines of “Mommmmmyyyyy….” But when they pulled in the driveway last night and I saw those adorable smiling faces and snuggled up in the chair with them…I immediately felt a little less funky. Not completely un-funked, but definitely a bit of a relief. I just love those damn kids.

I’ll leave ya with a picture my mom sent to my phone a few days ago. They took the kids to Indian Echo Caverns…which I remember totally loving when I was their age. They panned for gold and discovered real jewels, and got “good luck” by getting dripped on (hopefully by water) in the caves. Their faces just crack me up in this picture…



2 Responses

  1. boog is a gee. yeah boy

  2. I love phone pictures; they capture the kids as they “really” are… and yours are just so funny and adorable. Look at those eyes!!!

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