better than lexapro

I’ve been in a serious funk lately.  I’ve been thinking I should blog about it, given that this is my therapy.  But I’ve been too funky to want to talk about anything…not to mention that there isn’t really any one thing that’s wrong.  It’s more of just a totally overwhelmed and defeated feeling…too much to accomplish at work, I miss living near my family so badly it hurts sometimes, I’m fat but have no energy to do anything about it, I had a killer migraine that rendered me immobile on my couch for most of the day yesterday and is now just a painful dull ache making me want to shoot myself in the left temple.  I broke down in my supervision with the asshole boss and cried like a baby and now feel like a complete tool because I think he kind of liked it.  The economy sucks, I never get to spend enough time with my kids, I don’t keep in touch with friends like I want to, my psych is an asshole who doesn’t return calls despite my telling him that I had a weird reaction to my medication and had to stop taking it cold turkey.  I found a new psych but can’t see him til October.  My house is a fucking disaster and I don’t have a maid.  I need a haircut and my nails look like shit.  My kids have been with my parents for the past few days, but instead of doing something fun with my child-free time I either worked at a job that’s driving me crazy or laid at home with the before mentioned headache and a husband that hurt his back by acting like a damn teenager at the pool.  I have a toothache that probably needs attention, but keep forgetting to call the dentist during business hours because I can’t remember to do shit anymore.  I have hundreds of dollars worth of shit that needs returned, and instead of actually doing it…I just keep forgetting…making me feel even more worthless.  I got some wine a few nights ago…after the boss breakdown…which made me temporarily forget my woes but then made me feel like a raving alcoholic for not being able to handle my issues any other way.  Boog is starting first grade next week and I’m having some issues with the fact that he’s growing up so fast.  A good friend at work that survived lung cancer last year has an appointment today to discuss her blood work results and I’m not feeling good about it because when I googled the various types of blood cells that were outside of the normal range on her results…it just didn’t look good. 

Shit…that’s not exactly not talking about it, is it?  Damn.  Oh well…

What I started out to say was that I came home from work today and decided to tune into the Soup…because somehow that show always makes me laugh.  It wasn’t working its magic until I saw this…

I don’t know why…maybe because I’m down to about 1/3 of my functioning brain capacity…but I laughed my ass off at that.


2 Responses

  1. You don’t know me from Adam, and quite frankly I don’t even remember how I found your blog-BBC? Anyway, just wanted you to know I feel your pain sister! Been there, done that-I’m still doing it! Hang in there:) Sounds like you have a great sense of humor. That can get you through a lot!

  2. Just a comment that I love you babe….and your pic is sexy. ;p

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