Better than the Container Store

Tonight, I was sitting on the couch…lounging back with some popcorn, watching the Olympics with Snoop.  The annoying beep from the dryer summoned me, and I stood up to resume my chores.  I felt a little itch under my shirt, so mindlessly reached up to scratch it.  The scratch was actually under my boob.  And the source of the scratch?  An entire popped kernel of popcorn. 

Stuck under my boob.

Apparently I was so relaxed that I didn’t notice that I missed my face a little.  Or that it rolled down my shirt…entrapping itself in the fold of my booby. 

I nearly fell over laughing.  I haven’t laughed like that in what feels like forever, and damn…it felt good. 

At first my laughter was a little self-deprecating.  Like “I am officially FAT…I’m losing food in my folds.”  But then I rationalized it that it wasn’t like it got stuck in a fat roll…it was a boob.  A very nice boob, thankyouverymuch.  *bowing down at the feet of Dr. Herring* 

And then I got to thinking that this new storage space could actually come in very handy.  I can probably hold all kinds of shit in there.  Perhaps a baggy of goldfish for trips to the park.  Or my key chain unlocky thing to the car when I’m going to a concert and really don’t want to take my entire keychain cause I’m not carrying my purse (nevermind that the last concert I went to was the Wiggles and having my purse along really didn’t pose a problem).  Maybe some band-aids…for those unexpected scraped knees.  Or a nail file…I always need one of those.  Or when my hands are full with dinner plates and I really don’t want to make a second trip to the kitchen…I could stash the silverware there. 

The possibilities are endless.  For someone who is obsessed with organizational compartments and shit…this is seriously a dream come true.


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  1. WOW! that’s all…..just wow.

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