homicidal thoughts…

Before I start, I just wanted to double-check one thing…

It is generally frowned upon to kill people, right?  Even if they are annoying, patronizing, and condescending?  And ugly? 


Well…since I can’t kill my boss (though I think I could actually crush up a lethal amount of xanax and put it in his gay-ass tea that he drinks all the time and he’d never know….), I think I’ve come up with a plan.  It will get out my urge to kill something annoying and it will help out the rest of the human race by eradicating some serious nuisances.  I’m just not sure how to go about doing it.  If ever I’ve needed a freakishly intelligent sociopath…this is the time. 

The gnats have got to go.  There is no reason for them to be here.  They can’t possibly have a tremendous effect on the ecosystem…they’re too small.   So maybe there are larger bugs or animals that eat them…frogs maybe?  But they can’t solely survive on gnats…so I think they’d be fine without them.  And they certainly aren’t cute.  I’ve never heard of someone who loves gnats…like people love butterflies or dragonflies.  All they’re good for is annoying people.  And I’ve got enough annoyance in my life. 

Off to research gnat genocide…


3 Responses

  1. Apparently they help pollenate certain species of flowers. 😉

    But in case you still want to kill them:


  2. okay gnats suck, but can you see about getting rid of centipedes first. they are way grosser than gnats. and really what purpose do they serve other than to freak me the f out. gnats may be annoying, but they are not faster than me nor grosser. see if you can figure out how to eliminate those nasty f^$%&#*@Rs!

  3. lol if you’re gonna kill someone, remember the rules: No4 don’t blog about it!

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