He’ll make a great husband someday…

Boog:  I want to be famous someday.

Me:  Oh yeah? For what?

Boog:  I don’t know.  Maybe being a spy and finding lots of treasures or something.

Me:  Oooh…will you share the treasure with me?

Boog: Yeah, and I’m gonna give it to my other family too.  My wife and my kids…my boys… Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have just boys.  No girls.  Just  boys.

Me:  Are you going to have twin boys?

Boog(thoughtful pause) Na…I don’t think so.  I don’t want to do that to my wife!!!

Me:  What do you mean?

Boog:  I mean…two babies in her belly at the same  time???  She’d be like…*exaggerated ‘giant belly’ hands*…  I think I’ll just have her do them one at a time. 

And a little p.s….

I was driving Boog and his best friend, Bean, home from karate tonight and Boog was sharing with us the details of his field trip to the police station today.  He was telling us about the K9 dog he met and all about how he can smell bombs and guns.  I shared that some dogs can also smell dead bodies (good mommy, I know) and drugs.  Boog asked “What’s drugs?” which just baffled me.  Sometimes I forget how young and innocent they really are.  And honestly…I know they’ve introduced the “just say no” thing at school and I was really hoping to avoid having this conversation for awhile.  Like, forever.  Luckily Bean came to my rescue and said “I know what drugs are.”  I asked him what they were, and he said…

“People who drink too much alcohol and act all crazy.”

Ummmm…..no sweetie.  That’s drunks.


One Response

  1. i love the innocence of little kids, and I am sure Boog’s wife will be grateful to not have twins

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