I learned something tonight…

Apparently when wine is mandatory and free, it is also higher in alcohol content. 

I’m a trainer at a training (duh) this week in Chapel Hill.  I really have been dreading it, and was seriously hating it for most of the day.  There was a “wine and cheese reception” that was mandatory for us, and I was not happy about it…Chapel Hill has an abundance of awesome places to spend money and that was way more important to me.  But given that a) I have no money and b) it was “mandatory”…I went.  I ate some cheese, drank two…I repeat….TWO glasses of wine, and have spent the last 45 minutes alone in my room trying to sober up enough to drive the state van to CVS to get some saline solution so I can take these damn contacts out of my eyes and be in bed before 9:00.

Plus side…I think I made a friend.  Either that, or I was “that girl” at the work function who didn’t know when to shut her fucking mouth. I’m gonna go with the former.


3 Responses

  1. 9:00 bedtime means no date for me. boo hoo!!!!

  2. Hope you recooped:)

  3. oy, work functions can suck when all you wanna do is shop!

    Hope the rest of the meeting went OK…

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