Rock on

PhotobucketI thing more artists should create a 3-D concert to watch on TV.  I’m watching the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/Jonas Brothers right now with the kids and I’m enjoying myself much more than I ever would’ve if I would’ve taken them to the actual concert.  I’m comfy on my couch, eating popcorn, can go pee whenever I want…and pause them mid-word if I need to, and didn’t have to take a second mortgage out on my house to afford tickets.  Boog has kind of lost interest, but better here than in a stadium, right? And Drama…wow.  She’s hysterical.  “She pointed right at me!!!” “Clap Mommy…she said to raise your hands!” “This is the greatest concert ever!” “Oh my goodness…they look so cute with these glasses on!”


They might look cute, but I sure as hell don’t.



One Response

  1. i have to admit the 3-D glasses definetly don’t do you justice, drama on the other hand rocks… i hope you clapped lots for the jonas brothers. i know you secretly wish you were 15 again and could date nick, kevin, or joe. yeah baby! i know their names!!!! rock on brothers and miley

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