I still haven’t uploaded all of my pics from my brother’s wedding last weekend, so I don’t have the feature blog I’ve promised to my new sis…but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this all day, so I’ll share…

About 2 1/2 years ago, my mom’s mom passed away very suddenly.  Grandma was such an amazing woman, and touched everyone with her genuine kindness and sweet nature.  Her death has been the hardest thing my family has ever had to endure, and it’s a healing process that continues to this day.  Grandma loved butterflies…they were everywhere she went.  They decorated her house, adorned her clothing and jewelry…  Ever since her passing, butterflies have become very symbolic to me, and everyone else close to her.  Whenever I see one, I think of her and her gentleness.  Jiggs’ wedding was perfect in every way except one…her absence was truly felt in every aspect of the weekend.  The reception was held at the most beautiful lakefront inn I’ve ever visited.  After the wedding party was announced, and Jeremy and Molly took their seats, a single butterfly came into the tent and hovered over their heads for a few moments. It was brief, and it was beautiful.  It took my breath away, and I looked toward my mom.  My emotion was reflected in her face as she looked toward her brother.  He looked toward her and they both said, “Mom’s here.”  I looked back toward my brother, and the butterfly floated away.  That was the only butterfly seen that night…there were no bushes anywhere to attract them…and I didn’t see it again.  I’m not always a big believer in these type of things, but I know that was her.  Grandma was there.  She may not have been sitting with us…she may not have held my Pap-Pap’s hand as he watched their first grandson say his vows…but she was there just the same.  She saw the love between Jiggs and Molly, and she blessed them…and all of us…with her love. 

I miss you, Grandma. 


3 Responses

  1. your grandmother would not have missed that day for anything. she is a butterfly in heaven. i’m sure she has found her eternal happiness

  2. Isn’t that a great feeling?! Our family believes that my father in law(who was an electrician) likes to let us know he is with us by flickering or burning out lights. Whether it is real or not, we like to believe it is. It gives us hope and reminds us that even though he isn’t physically here, he is with us in spirit. I’m sorry for your loss.

  3. That was beautiful, and I definitely think she was there, just like you said.

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