Back again, ya’ll…

So…yes.  I’ve been gone awhile.  A looooong while.  Sorry, folks.  I’ve been a little caught up in myself and my own life, and little too stressed, busy, sick, self-absorbed, whatever….to blog.  But I’m back, dammit. 

Actually…I’m not REALLY back right now.  But I want to be.  So I’ve come up with a list of things I absolutely have to blog about when I either a) have the time or 2) don’t feel like I’m dying of some new and terribly horrific illness. 

  1. The most perfect wedding ever…my brother’s…that took place this past weekend.  It was all-consuming (mentally, emotionally, and financially) and so worth it.  Honestly the most perfect wedding ever. 
  2. How much the Atlanta airport and Delta Airlines SUCK.
  3. Butterflies and spirituality
  4. Drama and her randomness
  5. Boog and his oddities
  6. Dog shit

But before I sign off…temporarily I swear…I have a question.  Are there sinus cavities in the back of your head?  I get really frequent sinus infections, but they’ve always been in the ones behind my eyes/cheeks/forehead.  And sometimes they put pressure on some annoying nerves and make me feel like I need a f’in root canal.  (I’ve had a few, so I know what it feels like)  So, now I’ve got another weird illness (due in part, I believe, to #’s 1 & 2 above), and I’ve got intense pressure in my ears…everything sounds muffled and one of them actually leaked a little bit today…and my neck/lower skull area is KILLING me.  So I’m wondering if face sinus pressure makes me feel like I need a root canal, maybe back of the head sinus pressure makes me feel like I’ve got meningitis? (which I’ve never had, so I’m just guessing) 

Just a question…

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  1. Feel better! Missing you!

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