A few ponderings…

  • What the hell is in sugar free chocolate that makes you fart so badly?  It’s really nasty.
  • And why, knowing this, do I continue to eat it?  Maybe I’m hoping my digestive system gets used to it… No luck so far. 
  • Are unruly eyebrows the “thing” for teenagers now?  They must be. Because these are “hot guys”

    zac effron

    joe jonas

    Kevin Jonas

    And if you’ll notice…they all look like they’ve been attacked by caterpillars.

  • Maybe it’s not just boys.  Lourdes here could also use a little waxin’.  I realize she’s only 11 (I think), but she’s Madonna’s daughter…there is no reason for this:


  • I need gas.  And I’m not happy about it. 

    gas prices

  • Is it lame that I’m excited for the premiere of “Camp Rock” on Disney channel on Friday?  Yeah…I thought so.

2 Responses

  1. If you are then I’m lame right there with ya babe. CAMP ROCK!

  2. your blog is HILARIOUS!!!
    We had a Camp Rock watch party.. I have an obessesed 9 year old! And they all need some hair help, those Jonas Boys!
    The gas thing is killing us… I need to trade my big arse SUV for a Prius!

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