Trippin’ on Tuesday…

So, there is one very big thing that I’m kinda trippin’ out over today. My baby boy, my sweet little muchkin, the child who will always look like this in my eyes:


Finished kindergarten today. And now he looks like this:


How the hell did that happen? 

And a bonus, second  trippy thing…
This is Dramamama when she was about a year and a half:


This is me when I was about a year and a half:


Crazy, huh?  She’s like a clone.  Which means I am in big trouble when she’s a teenager. 


5 Responses

  1. you and drama have the same haircut (how sweet). and i’m sorry to break the news, but boog is definetly looking like a big kid now. and a very handsome one at that

  2. big? He’s HUGE!

    and drama has a little bit of me in there too. ALMOST a clone of mommy though.

  3. dont you just wish you could freeze frame your kids!!! And you know what they say what goes around comes around, at least you will know what t o expect with drama!

  4. LOVE the look on Boog’s face and Dramamama looks like she may have been schemeing….

  5. Wow! She is a clone! Gorgeous kids!!!!

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