That’s what my kids re-named Monday months ago, and today it certainly feels appropriate.  Nothing particularly bad happened…but it was Monday, and that in and of itself puts me in less than a fantastic mood.  I think the insane heat over the weekend did something awful to my brain, and I didn’t feel quite “right” all day.  The day drug on and on and on, and the kids were a little cranky when I picked them up, so I decided to stop by the gas station on the way home for a six pack of my dear old friend Miller Lite.  On our way out the door, the kids spotted a tattoo vending machine and really wanted one.  Given that they asked nicely, and I had already said “no” to about 27 other things in the store, I decided to humor them.  I set the six pack down on the stack of soda cases next to the door, and focused my attention on finding 4 quarters in my wallet.  This is quite an undertaking, and took a little while, but I got them.  During this time, some stinky and extremely questionable looking guys walked out the door we were standing by, then back in, then out again.  I thought it was weird, cause they didn’t do anything when they came back in, but whatever… Got the tats, grabbed my brew (which, by law, was in a plastic shopping bag), and headed to the car.  Got home, started dinner, turned on a little Hannah for the tired kids, and grabbed a beer.  On my next pass thru the kitchen, I decided perhaps I should take it out of the stupid plastic bag and put it in the fridge.  So I took it out of the bag, and there were only four bottles in there.  Now I know I bought a full 6 pack, and I am certain I only had 1.  The dogs were outside, and the kids were fully entranced by Hannah, so there was only one explanation. 

Those shady fuckers stole a beer.

That’s just fucked up.


3 Responses

  1. that’s priceless and seriously not cool on a monday. sorry pal

  2. That’s just plain wrong… stealing a lady’s beer? Freaks!

    (Amanda) Wrong to steal…wrong to steal from a lady…and most wrong to steal from a mom. I needed that damn beer more than they did…I can promise that!

  3. and something like would ONLY happen to you babe.

    (Amanda) You know it.

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