Fabulous F-it Flashback Friday

Since this is the first of these…I’ll do a little of each for ya’ll. 


That’s Tammy. She’s our office mascot, and yes…she is a piece of shit. Not actual shit…but molded out of play-doh.  She’s been thru a lot (she’s had milkdud babies, a boob job (because her first set fell off in a tragic accident), got her nose pierced, has been stuffed into a latex glove), and she always surprises us with her surprises.  One time I came home from vacation to find her hiding in my drawer…in a very compromising position with a Barbie doll.  Today, she sent postcards from her latest travels…and I’ll share one with you.  This is Tammy in Paris:
And swimming with dolphins in the Caribbean:
Tammy is one fabulous piece of shit.  

And yes…we are professionals.


It was 103 today.  Yes, we live in NC and yes, it is summer.  But it’s a little early in the summer for this shit to be starting.  It’s unbearable.  So to you…Mother Nature…I give a nice big


This was stuck in my head all day yesterday.  Luckily it wasn’t today, until I was talking with someone at work about annoying things that get stuck in your head and remembered it.  Ha. Back again.  So now, I will share it with you…cause I don’t want to suffer alone.

You’re welcome.


8 Responses

  1. that video was very anticlimatic. i’m sorry that stupid song (i accidently typoed with dong, before backspacing) was in your head. i hate, retract that, loathe that insane nonsense of a “song.” thanks for being back in the entertaining, i mean blogging business!!!!

  2. Weird. Barbie Girl has been in my head for weeks. I don’t know where I heard it but I have no idea where it came from. My three year old has even started singing it.


    (Amanda) Yeah…sadly my daughter was next to me while I was finding that video clip and now SHE’S walking around singing it too. It’s never leaving my brain.

  3. My boy was really into that song when he was three. Glad he outgrew it… not that there’s anything wrong with that but…

    Love the mascot and those big fluffy cloud “formations”

  4. I find it a little disturbing that I share a name with your office’s piece of shit…

  5. What’s wrong with that song??? Cute girl….says I can undress her anywhere, and I think there’s something in there about her being good at begging on her knees. Sounds perfect to me.

  6. I heart your blog.. Just wanted to give you some love. 😉

  7. Crap, I’m not clicky… Why not? I must figure that out…

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