I need a plan…

Blogging, which I totally love, seems to have fallen way down on my priority list lately. And this is just not acceptable. Not only do I need my therapy, but the constant harassment by my BFFLMNOP and Stan has got to stop. I’ve decided that I need to have an agenda. Nothing gets done for me unless it’s on an official agenda somewhere. And even then, it’s pretty questionable. Lots of other bloggers have little things designated for other days of the week…Wordless Wednesdays, Tackle it Tuesdays, etc… Those are cool and all, but given that this is my agenda for my blog…I’m doing my own thing. Here’s the daily breakdown:

  • Mondays are not included on the agenda. Seriously…it’s enough for me to get out of bed, and get my kids ready and to school on time without killing someone on Mondays. I’m not saying Mondays are a no-blogging day, but I don’t want to put any additional responsibilities on myself. And maybe, since it’s not a requirement…if I do blog on a Monday I get a reward. Like a bottle of wine. Yeah. I like this plan.
  • Tuesdays…these are now going to be “Trippy Tuesdays.” I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do on these days…but it will be trippy. Perhaps a picture, or a funny story from college. Or maybe I’ll actually trip over something and write about it. Luckily, I’ve got 6 days to figure this one out.
  • Wednesdays are perhaps my favorite. They are now “WTF Wednesdays,” an opportunity to vent my frustrations, irritations, confusion, and all other things that make me want to scream “wtf?”
  • Thursdays are going back to the whole reason I started this blog. Therapy. My life is really crazy lately, and my mind is kinda spinning wildly out of control. I really should go back to therapy, but I don’t have time (in fact…’not enough time’ is pretty much the root of all of my problems right now…and likely the focus of tomorrow’s post), and besides…this is much cheaper.
  • Fridays. Given that this is the last day of the week…and the last day I have to put up with the BS that’s been going on at my work…I had originally planned to dub them “F it Fridays.” But then I remembered when I posted that funny “I learned it from watching you” commercial and said I’d start doing “Flashback Fridays.” THEN I thought about how fabulous it is when Friday finally arrives and considered “Fabulous Fridays.” So I think I’m going with “Fabulous F-it Flashback Fridays.”
  • Weekends…well…they’re just whatever. I can’t be expected to commit to a full week here, right?

Sooooo….in honor of my new plan….I present to you…

WTF Wednesday

Truck balls

Seriously…what is wrong with the people that decide it is cool to put a scrotum on their truck??? I was behind not one, but TWO different sets of balls today on the way to work, and each time I wanted to rear end the truck, rip off the balls, shove them down the throat of the driver, and vomit. Honestly…is this supossed to impress people? Make them think you have big balls? Make your truck look tough? I don’t understand. And why are these things legal? I don’t really want to be walking through the parking lot of Target some Saturday afternoon and turn around to find Drama mesmerized by a scrotum on the car next to us. (that never happened, by the way…but now that I said it, I’m sure it will) Would it be OK for me to stick some tits on the back of my van? No. How ’bout a vagina tailpipe? Also not ok. So why do these ugly ass trashy men (because that’s always who is behind the wheel) think the rest of us want to look at their disgusting balls? And don’t get me started on that pseudo-penis in the picture above. Whoever owns that truck should just be arrested for indecent exposure.


5 Responses

  1. I have now seen it all!!! WTF is right….and to think someone probably got rich from inventing that crap! No fair.

  2. I know someone with that particularly stupid acccessory for his truck. He has to be one of the most ignorant people ever – nuff said.

  3. you should drive around with a vagina tailpipe. by the way, i can’t wait for tuesdays… college memories rock and i rarely make a scene in the blog. just wait for tuesdays. i go lick lick and boom. yeah baby

  4. #1 – I don’t think it’s a tough thing. I think it’s just to be funny.

    #2 – You live near Fayettenam, what do you expect?

    #3 – I think you should run with that vagina tailpipe idea. We could be millionaires. hahahaha

  5. Those are VERY common in Bad Mommy land. So much so, that the picture you posted has plates from my lovely little state. Did you take that picture? If so, we live scarily close to one another.

    Good to see you around!

    (Amanda) Luckily, I wasn’t that close to the nutsack. I found that one on Photobucket. I’m sorry you have to see them so often…it’s just gross.

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