I can explain myself…

Before I go into the reason behind my too-long absence…I just want to say thanks to everyone who left such sweet and caring comments on my post about my friend and her son.  He’s doing well (all things considered), and will hopefully be going home very soon.  They’re looking at a long road of treatments until he’s completely out of the woods, but his Daddy made it home (to stay!), his Mommy has the strength of a million regular women, and he’s got two fantastic older siblings to help him in his recovery.  I got the chance to visit him last week while I was at my conference, and while the experience of visiting a pediatric oncology unit was not one I ever hoped to be in, it was wonderful to see them.  He’s such a sweet kiddo, and I just know he’s going to come out of this with flying colors. 

OK…on to my defense.  You see, I haven’t been able to blog lately because I’m in serious training for the Mommy-slash-Woman of the Year competition.  I’ve been doing some serious cooking with my girl (Drama helped me make spinach and goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts…talk about awesome), folding laundry, going far out of my way and spending entirely too much money to buy organic and natural food, carefully selecting awesome clothing choices that bring out the personality of each child, forcing thru the pain of a neck injury (imposed by one of the children…) to wrestle on demand, mopping floors (with planet friendly cleaner and compostable mop heads, of course), recreating circle-time for as long as desired so that Drama can show off her musical and dance abilities, folding laundry some more, working my ass off at a job that is completely emotionally and mentally draining, driving recyclable trash to a collection place since our backwards town doesn’t provide it curb-side, soothing kids back to sleep after nightmares or other random night-time disasters (like rolling over and cracking heads on furniture), working from home on laptop after kids are in bed so I don’t have to work late, speaking at an Autism Society of NC meeting, and plenty more things I can’t think of now. 

So…as you can see…I’ve been kinda busy.  When I do have time that I could be blogging, I’m either completely empty-headed, completely exhausted, or completely anxious…thinking about all I should be doing.  Yeah…that anxiety thing kinda sucks lately. I would add “taking proper medication” to that list up there, but I’m afraid that the judges may look down on possible crazies winning the prize.



One Response

  1. YOU ate spinach and GOAT CHEESE stuffed chicken breast??? I’m so proud………

    (Amanda) I did! A lot has changed since the days of GBs and spoonfulls of brown sugar, huh?

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