Life is just not fair

A good friend of mine found out two days ago that her baby…her almost 2-yr old boy…has leukemia.  He’d been acting “not right” for awhile, and she’d done everything that a good mommy would do.  Took him to the doctor, trusted that they were right in their diagnosis of nothing and their recommendation to “wait it out,” held him when he needed it, and took him to the doctor again.  Rinse and repeat.  I can’t even begin to imagine what that must be like as a mother…to go from “gosh he’s got another bloody nose?” to shipping your other two kids to a neighbor’s, sending a Red Cross message to your husband in Afghanistan, and hauling ass to a pediatric oncology unit two hours away to face the unexpected…in a matter of hours. Since I heard the news, my heart is breaking, my brain is reeling, and my arms are aching to wrap themselves around my own kids and hold them tight forever.  I’m off to a conference tomorrow, that happens to be in the same town as the hospital she and her son are at right now, so I’ll be spending a little time with them.  I feel so helpless…I know there’s nothing I can do, and that’s just not OK with me.  Why does this happen to children? I’ve been honestly very blessed in my life thus far, and haven’t been dealt anything of this magnitude before.  My heart breaks for every child in the paper or online…every mother I’ve “spoken” to, whether it be in real life or online… But to have it hit so close to home…something so real, that could have just as easily been Drama or Boog….

I’m a rambling, bumbling mess…so I apologize for the mental confusion and lack of wit and humor. 😉 But for those of you that may be reading this, say a prayer for my friend and her family.  Light a fire, do a dance…whatever you believe in.  And go hug your babies tight… I know I have been a lot more in the past day and a half. 


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  1. +1

    Shit like this just shouldn’t happen. My prayers are with them….

  2. you are always in my prayers… good luck today!

  3. WOW! my prayers are with them too, i cant even imagine what they are going through, if you think of anything i can do to help please let me know!! that just makes me want to hold onto my kids and not let them go!

  4. My dh’s cousin’s little boy was just diagnosed with leukemia last year at two years old. I know the internal struggle you are talking about. If your friend needs someone to talk to maybe we can hook them up. I’ll be keeping you all in my prayers!

  5. Poor, poor family. Saying lots of prayers.

  6. I can’t even imagine… my heart goes out to your friends.

  7. Your poor friend! I couldn’t imagine. I just posted a blog entry yesterday about how my hubby and I went to be officially registered on the bone marrow donation registry. It was easy. Just a mouth swab. That’s always an option if you want to do something for the family. Just a thought.

  8. Oh my. I am in tears for them, and for every mom and child dealing with anything like this. It’s a true fear of mine. I will definitely send some positive energy their way, say some prayers for them and hold my kids tighter today. Wow.

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