Maybe a lobotomy would help…

On the way to school, listening to Ms. Spears version of “My Prerogative”:

Drama: Was she singing this song when she was bald or when she went crazy?
Me: She had hair when she did this song, babe.
Drama: So this was before she went crazy?
Me: (laughing) Yes, sweetie.
Drama: Was she a teenager?
Me: No…she was a grown up. Kind of.
Drama: So she went crazy when she was a grown up?
Me: Yep.
Drama: Why did Britney Spears choose to be mean?
Me: I don’t really think she’s mean.
Drama: (shocked at my ignorance) Yes she IS! She put soda in her babies’ bottles…and she drove with her baby on her lap… That IS mean, Mommy.
Me: No, I think she just made some bad choices babe.
Drama: (glaring at stereo, arms on hips) She made bad choices to be mean to her kids.
Me: But she’s getting help, now, so maybe she’ll learn to make good choices.
Drama: Who is helping her? Another, gooder Mommy?
Me: Her doctors.
Drama: Doctors?! Is she sick?
Me: Her brain was a little mixed up, sweetie, which made it hard for her to make good choices.
Drama: (gasping) Did they have to take her brain OUT?
Me: (laughing hysterically) No sweetie!!! They can’t take out a brain! They gave her some medicine.
Drama: Like the all over medicine you give to me and Boog when we have growing pains? (Tylenol)
Me: Not quite…but it’s medicine.
Drama. Oh. OK.

~1 minute break while she rocks out to the rest of the song~

Drama: You know…I don’t think I really understand her.


2 Responses

  1. oh if only it would be that easy to treat, just take out her brain and put in a better one. but yes drama she is MEAN!!!

    (Amanda) I don’t know that mentally unstable really equals mean, does it? If it does, you and I are in big trouble, my friend. 😉

  2. this blog made me think of joey from “friends” remember when his soap character got a brain transplant??

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