I think she’s speaking in tongues

Drama:  I’m going to marry someone new now, Mommy!
Me: Oh yeah? Who’s that?
Drama: I’m gonna marry M. He said we could.
Me: So what happened with you and D?
Drama: The truth is, he said he’s not gonna marry me.
Me: Why not?
Drama: (deep, annoyed sigh) I told you this before.
Me: Well, I forget…so can you tell me again? (I don’t really forget…she has told me about 12 times, but it never makes sense so I’m hoping for some clarity.)
Drama: Cause I called him and D (the new girlfriend) a juicebox.
Me: A juicebox?
Drama: Yes.
Me: Like a box that juice comes in?
Drama: Yes, mommy! A juicebox. Do you know another kind of juicebox?
Me: No, I just don’t understand how someone can be a juicebox.
Boog: Yeah…what does that even mean, Dramamama?
Drama: I told them that they were a juicebox, ok? And now he’s not going to marry me.
Me: So a juicebox is not a nice thing to call someone?
Drama: No! Jeeze.
Boog: It doesn’t make any sense at all. But that’s OK, cause you’re 4. I didn’t make sense sometimes when I was 4 either.

I didn’t get my clarity.  But I did get a laugh.


6 Responses

  1. oh my…..my little drama. Where DOES she come up with this stuff?

  2. It’s funny how their little 4 y/o minds work. My daughter called out to her little “friend” at school as we were leaving one day…

    Jordyn – “Bye snickers”

    the boy giggled and ran off with his mom

    Me – “why did you call him snickers”

    Jordyn – “because he’s just like my favorite candybar and I just wanna EAT him!”

    (Amanda) Love it!!!

  3. ohhhh i better tell my little B that drama doesnt want to marry him anymore. how sad!!!

    (Amanda) Oh, B’s in no danger. He’s her “best boy.” 😉

  4. frankly, i wouldn’t want to be called a juicebox either. i’m gonna use that against someone who pisses me off today. drama is quite a smart girl…

    (Amanda) It’s a fantastic new term…use it often.

  5. OMG! That’s too damn cute! I’d love to know where they come up with this stuff…

    (Amanda) You and me both!

  6. I just may have to use that one on a couple of people… they really are ‘juiceboxes.’ Too funny!

    (Amanda) The girls in my office and I have incorporated it into our vocabulary…it really fits!

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