I’m sittin’ around with Snoop….and he has discovered what I’d like to call the Hick Network.  It’s actually CMT, but I’m calling it the Hick Network from now on. I’m not a country fan, so I don’t know that I have ever tuned into CMT…but we have become morbidly fascinated by “My Big Redneck Wedding.”  This is just other-worldly to me…and I can’t stop watching.  The bride just gave the groom a giant ass fish bait thing for his wedding gift, and he gave her an ugly ass doormat that says “Wipe your paws.”  For real?  You guys have got to watch this show…here’s a little teaser:

But the best part of all, so far, is the preview we saw for “Mobile Home Disasters.” I can’t wait.

OMG…it’s a Redneck Wedding marathon. This new couple is having mud wrestling in blow up pools, mattress surfing, and the groom is getting his jacket at the Farm Supply store. Ooooh…and he’s got a bumper sticker that says “Hog hunters do it better in the bush.”

This might be the greatest night of my life.


5 Responses

  1. How bout that. I just looked and I aint got no cla-toris either. Dag-burnit

    (Amanda) I do, baby 😉


    (Amanda) Glad you liked it! You really need to tune in…it will make you feel a whole lot better about yourself!

  3. i just got the urge to go warm up a hot pocket. i love those things too granny

    (Amanda) You have hot pockets? Why did you never share when I was there?

  4. Yep, that’s how we roll in them here parts.

    When I first met MIL she told me I looked hungry. Then she made me a ham and cheese hot pocket. I threw up a little in my mouth with each bite.

    (Amanda) I do like Hot pockets…been about 10 years since I had one, but I remember them being super. Tho I wouldn’t include them in my vows.

  5. oh baby ur so sweet, i like u cause ur neat, u ‘l take it an scream like me cat, i hope u luv me when i ‘m fat “pause” now we can wed after i take a crap, we’ll leave an spin some mud from me flap, reception w’ll be at he burger king, then i’ll give u the whopper when u see my thing! luv ur redneck hubby

    those my redneck vows, hope u like them

    (Amanda) When did you get married? I guess I can understand why Shell didn’t tell me about it. I would like to get you a gift, tho…did you register at Sonny’s Surplus?

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