I promised her a feature…

A late night text exchange between my Bootyfull friend and I:

Booty: Why I hate Pittsburgh:

Me: WTF is that?
Booty: Me, shooting myself in the head, because I’m at a bar with a framed picture of a guy with a MULLET holding a FISH.
Me: That’s what I thought it was, but I was hoping I was wrong.
Booty: Omg. I love u!
Me: Your shirt blends in with the background too well…you look like a floating head.
Booty: I feel like a floating head.
Me: Are you drunk?

It’s these ridiculous and random little conversations that make me love technology. 

And seriously…a framed mullet man holding a fish? I don’t hold it against the entire town of Pittsburgh (because I am a native and love the city), but I don’t recommend that establishment. Whatever it is. 


One Response

  1. So I am finally catching up on your blog (thanks to Thursday’s computer class in the lab) and this made me LMAO. I totally forgot about that. I can’t believe you blogged about it! I just wish I could see the pic. So that pic should totally be on your Hick Television Network. I live in the hillbilly redneck suburbs. Good god…I can’t believe I am surviving. Cheers to alcohol!

    (Amanda) Fair warning that any other random things you send me while you’re out are possible material! God knows you give me enough 😛

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