I got nothin…

I really can’t think of a damn thing to blog about!  But I know if I just wait until inspiration hits me, I’ll continue to be harassed by certain readers, so perhaps if I just sit here with my fingers on the keyboard…it will come to me.  So let’s see…what am I thinking about…..

  • So, my children are officially trendy.  In addition to their Hannah Montana obsession, they are now very into High School Musical.  We’re watching HSM2 right now, and I actually kind of like it.  And I’m pretty sure if I was 15 years younger…I’d think Zac Effron was super dreamy.
  • I hate the climate in North Carolina.  I get sick ALL the time here, and the most beautiful seasons…spring and fall…basically don’t exist.  It went from 45ish to 85ish in about a weekish, and I hate it.  Where are the beautiful, crisp-air days of SPRING? So not only do I have a hacking cough and feel like my sinuses might burst from my head at any moment…I also have a sunburn and I’m covered in that humid ickyness.  Stupid south.  I miss Pennsylvania.

Wow.  That is seriously all I’ve got… I have a giant Bloggie Brain Fart.  Sorry folks…maybe it’s the pollen.


5 Responses

  1. if it makes you feel any better – it was 75 all last week, but by wedneday here in pa it’s suppose to be cold again.

  2. I do love HSM. It reminds me a lot of the Grease obsession I had when I was younger.

    Wanna know something sad? I thought high school might actually BE like that….

    (Amanda) I was never a Grease girl, but this HSM shit is growing on me. If HS was like this, tho…I’d totallt rake out Gabriella and do Troy under the bleachers.

    Did I just admit that?

  3. Loved hearing about your Chicago trip! I LOVE Chicago. Loved the penis cake!

    It could be worse….. you could be living in Michigan….

    (Amanda) You’re right. I could, and that would suck. 😛

  4. I only have one thing to say on this one ” super dreamy”, isn’t that what tori spelling said about screech on saved by the bell. You must secretly still be watching so you can see Slater.

    (Amanda) Excuse me, Adam??? I musr be watching?

  5. tori spelling was on saved by the bell. Ok, Adam….you officially know WAY too much about that show.

    Oh, and I miss PA too. Humidity SUCKS!

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