Hasta luego…


You know what that is?!?  It’s Chicago…and my ass is on a plane there in 3 1/2 hours.  With no children!!! 

woo hoo

 You know what THAT is?  That’s me.  Except I’m not a frog.  And I’m not really jumping up and down like a freak. 

I’ll be back in a few days…with plenty of pics of the fun! 


5 Responses

  1. oh you cant fool me I know you are jumping up and down with the jot of seeing your friends, and traveling without kids, and having a kick-ass time!!! Have fun!!!!

  2. Have a safe trip and bring back tons of photos. No kids? seriously jealous. Have Fun!

  3. Chicago is great. Have fun. And let me know if you run into John Cusack!

  4. Mandi came to Chicago, and she delivered! Thanks for bringing the penis (cake)….

  5. I’m commenting even though I can’t see the pics in your latest blog (b/c this school computer is ghetto apparently) just to let you know that I am back in the blog-reading business. Thank god for standardized tests in the special ed classroom and props to the few minutes of previously never experienced “free time”. WOW. I’m going to get back on the daily readings….*cheers* to your cynicism and sharp wit! ❤

    (Amanda) Welcome back, Bootyfull 🙂 Your comments have been sorely missed!

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