My phone has truly grown legs and walked away.  I texted Snoop on our way home from getting McD’s, came straight home, and haven’t left since.  And my phone is nowhere.  NOWHERE.  I have checked all pockets (even things I didn’t wear today), torn apart all couch cushions, looked under all furniture, looked in the cabinets and fridge, searched the car with a flashlight, looked all over the kids’ rooms, dumped my purse and work bag about 5 times…it’s gone.  I’ve had about 3 panic attacks so far…and I feel another coming on very shortly if Snoop doesn’t make it magically appear somehow.  I have a very unhealthy dependency on my cell phone and I honestly probably won’t be able to sleep until i find it. 


If one of those little sleeping shits upstairs took it to “play,” they better hope they’re getting a good night’s sleep cause it may be the last one they ever get. 


WHERE IS IT????????

Update:  He did make it magically appear.  In the backyard.  In the sprinkly rain. It must have fallen out of my pocket when I got the urge to pull some weeds this evening.  See?  I try to practice responsible lawn care and this is where it gets me…three panic attacks, a torn up house, and a wet phone. 


5 Responses

  1. See? Yet another reason to remove “responsible lawn care” from your “to-do” list. There’s always an upside to every catastrophe!

    (Amanda) I like the way you think, Tammy 😉

  2. That’s exactly why I leave the ‘lawn care’ to Hubs. Electronics preservation.

    (Finished the meme you tagged me for… it’s a little different, but so am I. :P)

    (Amanda) And that’s exactly why I like you!

  3. Teehee… that is why I don’t garden. Something might happen.

    (Amanda) I was unaware of this hidden danger… A healthy lawn is just not worth my sanity, though.

  4. The hidden evils of lawn maintenanace….

    (amanda) I’m just trying to raise awareness! Thanks for stopping by, M!

  5. POOF!!! I AM magical.

    (Amanda) Oh, i know it. It more ways than one 😉

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