New deal y’all…

I love comments.  Love them.  It’s nice to feel the love, and know that other people are reading my stuff and even better…they like it!  I always reply to them in my mind, but unfortunately…that doesn’t make it to my fingers to make it to the keyboard, and in turn…I’m totally neglecting my bloggy friends!  I’m sorry. 

But cheer up, peeps.  I was just hanging out over at If Mom Says OK and it appears as though I’m not the only one who feels bad about this.  At first I was content to just wallow in bad-blogger sorrow with Tara, when I read that there IS a way to comment within comments on WordPress!!! Thank you Tara! So I’m doing what she did a few days ago, and making a change…effective immediately.  I love reading people’s responses to my comments (especially yours, Bad Mommy!), so it’s pretty selfish to not do the same for my legions of followers 😉


7 Responses

  1. Uh, comments within comments? How the hell does that work?

    Got any booze?

  2. Ya know Teri, I thought I had it figured out. But I don’t. So I’m just gonna do it this way.

    I do have booze, and was planning to consume more of it tonight than I have, but something bad…very bad…has happened to my stomach so the fun’s over for tonight. 😦

  3. We’ll get this figured out for ya… it will work!

    (Amanda) A-ha! Thanks to your wonderful comment help, I figured this out. You rock…thank you!

  4. I puffy heart comments too! 🙂

    (Amanda) I’ll have to leave you more then…I stalk you daily 😉

  5. You did it! Hurray! I’ll be back all the time to read more of your wit and wisdom. 😀

    (Amanda) All thanks to you! 😉

  6. Well now…you MUST teach me how to do this…how cool!

    PS…you’ve been tagged for a 7 things about you Meme….come visit for the details…

    (Amanda) Ooooh…yay! I’ll check it out when I get home from work…thanks! And I can’t help you out on the comment thing…I don’t know anything about Blogger, but I don’t think you can do it there. Nani nani boo boo 😛

  7. Dear blogging friend,
    My meme tag response is up. You can go right here. Be there or be square. 😀
    Yours truly,
    The Apron Queen

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