I’m no good at self-motivation

So, I’m the first one at the office today. I should be taking advantage of this time to get some of my reports written…which I had all intention of doing as soon as I walked in the door. But when I went to make coffee and found that whoever locked up last night didn’t pour out the old coffee OR wash the dishes…well…whatever motivation I had to work kinda flew out the window. So here I am…

I know I’ve talked a lot about Boog’s developing identity, and his “rock star” personality. He came home with a drawing he did at school the other day that was just too damn cute not to share:


That’s Boog, on the left. The cross around his neck is his representation of the gumball machine bling he cannot be without. If you take notice to his hands…they are doing that “rock out” thing (rock on). And Jenny…you’ll be happy to hear that the guitarist is none other than Mr. Tanner himself.

Another priceless school project follows:

For those of you that haven’t been to my house…that is a 6-yr old’s interpretation of our living room. One of my co-workers is an art therapist, and I always like to show her Boog’s drawings and pick her brain. At this age, they draw what is most important to them (details like the cross around his neck…again). I’m glad to know the clutter of toys and laundry that would be front and center in a 30-yr old mommy’s interpretation of the same room is not of importance to him. I would further explain the picture, but I’ll let my kick-ass kiddo do it instead:


I will interpret, just in case you can’t quite follow the Kindergarten spelling of some words. “I liked dancing. I did a split. I danced to Michael Jackson. He is cool. I liked it.”

Even with the terrible bling and slightly warped sense of coolness, my kid rocks.

Rock Out


2 Responses

  1. How did we manage to make such a cool kid? What’s with the pic at the bottom? Looks cool. I bet Boog would love it.

  2. Boog rocks!!!BEn still talks about the rug burns he got dancing with Noah in th eliving room!

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