My kids make me laugh…

Priceless times with Drama today:

  • While driving to preschool today, we drove past a big plot of land that has had a plethora of construction vehicles moving piles of dirt around for months…
    Drama: “What are they doing there?”
    Me: “I have no idea!”
    Drama: “Are they every gonna build something?”
    Me: “It looks like it…but it’s taking awhile.”
    Drama: “Oooohh…maybe they’re building a Target!” (I’ve taught the girl well)
    Me: “I don’t really think that area’s big enough for a Target, babe…tho that would be cool!”
    Drama: “Oh…well that stinks. Maybe they’re building a house!”
    Me: “Maybe.”
    Drama: “And maybe we could move into that house, and you could just walk right next door to Kangaroo and get a beer if you’re wanting a drink!”
  • While tucking her into bed
    Drama: (dreamily) “Thank you for being my mommy.”
    Me: “Aww…thank you baby!”
    Drama: “You’re supposed to say ‘You’re welcome.'”
    Me: “I’m sorry…you’re right. You’re welcome baby girl. Thank you for being my sweetie pie.”
    Drama: “Well, I didn’t really pick to be your sweetie pie. But you’re welcome anyway.”

Boog’s precious moments:

  • While snuggling on the couch before dinner…
    Me: “Booger…why are you smelling your feet?”
    Boog: (pulling foot away from face and shoving it between cushions) “What? I’m not! I don’t know…”
    Me: “Ummmm….OK.”
    ~~3 minutes later~~
    Boog: “Isn’t it cool that my feet are all stinky now?”
    Me: “You were sniffing your foot! And why is it cool?”
    Boog: “Cause teenagers have stinky feet. So I must be almost a teenager.”
    Me: “Oh. OK.”
    ~~one minute pause~~
    Boog: “Do teenagers have stinky feet?”
  • Catching up on the events of Kindergarten life…
    Me: “So when it’s center time, do you guys get to pick which center you go to or does Miss T tell you where to go?”
    Boog: “We get to pick where we go. Except for the gay pals.”
    Me: “The gay pals?”
    Boog: “Yeah.”
    Me: “Who are the gay pals?”
    Boog: “It’s the kids that don’t really do centers with the other kids.”
    Me: “What do the Gay-Pals do, babe?” (fighting mental images of kindergartners in tiny denim shorts and feather boas holding hands and frolicking across the playground)
    Boog: “They sit at a table with Ms. G and do special work with her.”
  • ~~After a longer discussion, in which I learned the names of the “Gay Pals” and matched them up with the stories I’ve heard about them, I’ve pretty much determined that they are the less-than-super-intelligent group of kids that need a little extra help a la Ms. G. I’m praying that the group name stems from the fact that their school mascot is the Gator, so they are the “Ga-pals” or something. But regardless…it made me laugh. As if the homosexual community doesn’t have enough of a stigma attached to them as it is.~~


4 Responses

  1. I say again……Put this stuff in a book, get it published, and get us some MONEY!!!! This shit is gold. You can’t make better stuff up than this.

  2. *(fighting mental images of kindergartners in tiny denim shorts and feather boas holding hands and frolicking across the playground)*


  3. Sounds like an SNL skit… Adventures with Gaypals!

  4. i thought i would comment on some random older blog, because there wasn’t any new ones to comment on. woe is me…

    (Amanda) I’m so gonna bitch-slap you the next time I see you…

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