Time to start watching Idol…

In the early seasons…I was a major American Idol fan.  Then I just got to a point where I couldn’t stand it anymore.  Especially the beginning part…ever since they started blatantly picking on people who so clearly have a diagnosis of some kind…and I just never got back into it yet.  But it just might be time for me to start watching again.  BFFLMNOP just brought it to my attention that Jason something-or-other played my most favoritest version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” tonight.  It’s the Hawaiian rendition…originally sung by IZ, the fattest man with the tiniest voice…I fell in love with it before I ever moved to Hawaii and became even more obsessed after.  Grab a tissue, watch, and be amazed…

Oh yeah, I just had to add (to you, my dearest BFFLNMOP)…that instrument he’s playing is not a guitar. It’s a ukelele, doofus. 😛



5 Responses

  1. YOU LIVE IN HAWAII!!!!!??????? OMG I’m green!

  2. No, Tammy…I don’t. I DID live there for 3 1/2 years, but sadly…now I live in NC. 😦

  3. It’s been a really great season this year! I’m enjoying it for the 1st time.

  4. I knew I liked you! That song by Brother IZ is my absolute FAVORITE of all time!

  5. mmmmmm…..purty

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