Drama and her verbal diarrhea

Time: 7:32 AM
Setting: Soccer mom minivan
Scene: Driving Drama to school…I’m enjoying a few much-needed seconds of silence from the Dramamama…”Girlfriend” by Nelly & N’Sync is blaring on the stereo (at the request of Drama).

Drama:  “Oooh…this song makes me think about D! (super cutie pie boy at her school…the one she “married” about a month ago)”

Me:  “Why is that?”

Drama:  “Because they…is this N’Sync?..cause it sounds like the same people that sing that ‘It’s gonna be me song’ (no pause for an answer from me)…they just said ‘Girlfriend’ and I am D’s girlfriend and I really hope he’s there when I get to the four year-old class because he is soooooo handsome!” **lovestruck giggles**

Me:  “I thought you and D broke up?”

Drama: “We did for that one day but now he said I’m his girlfriend again.”

Me:  “Are you his only girlfriend?”

Drama:  “Well…all of the girls think that he is handsome…except for C…but she’s wrong.  And M is his girlfriend too.  And you know what?”

Me:  “What?”

Drama:  “When me and D and M play in housekeeping together, D is the daddy and I am the mommy and M is the step-mom.  But she didn’t want to be the step mom because that would mean that she is evil.  But she is not evil…evil step-moms are born bad people and she is a good human.  She grew up nice, so she will be a good step-mom, right Mommy?”

Me*silently praying for silence….please…just for this morning…I had too much wine last night and I feel like shit and I just can’t take anymore right now* “Right.”

Drama: (clearly she can’t hear my thoughts) “That’s what I told her.  I told her that good people are born good and grow up good.  And she is a good girl.  Sometimes she bes mean, but that doesn’t make her a bad girl, right?”

Me: *deep breath…willing the cars in front of me to move faster…* “Mmm-hmm.”

Drama:  “Like sometimes I do bad things…like not listen to you or Daddy, or lean back in my chair, or be nasty to Boog, or say I don’t want to go to bed, or turn on the light in the car when you say I shouldn’t do that, or drop things behind my bed at night, or not listen… But I’m not a bad girl, so that means that she isn’t a bad girl either.  So she’s going to be the good step-mom and I am the mom.  The real mom.  You know what’s really bad right now Mommy???”

Me: *your verbal diarrhea?* “No I don’t…what’s really bad?”

Drama:  “This fog!”

And it wasn’t even foggy.


4 Responses

  1. I love the logic of a four year old. Does that mean she doesnt want to marry my B anymore, he will be so relieved but i was looking forward to having her in our family. As for the wine you need to send some my way i could have used it last night!!!

  2. WOW….she’s never quite like that with me. Does that make me glad or sad??? Jury is still out on that one.

  3. So rational. Love it and live it everyday. 🙂

  4. Oh man you make me laugh. Don’t you just love those van “chit-chats”.

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