Courtesy of Sarah

Sarah crawled out of the trenches early this morning to send me a picture of this unfortunate man sporting the latest addition to the official list of “Ugly Things.” I present to you…

  • Men in Tight Sweatpants
    Photobucket To quote Sarah, this “doesn’t necessarily focus on the “nuthugger” part of it,” but it is a damn fine example why sweatpants are generally a bad idea on men. Actually, sweatpants in this hue and fit are probably a bad idea on anyone. And now that I take a closer look…the poor man is wearing a FANNY PACK! He is just asking to get beat up…

Thanks Sarah!!!

I have so much more to say right now…Drama and Boog provided me with most excellent blogging material this morning… but for once I am extremely motivated to get work done so I should probably take advantage of this fleeting moment while it’s here.


One Response

  1. Yeah, I can pose for a better “nut-hugger” pic than this one, but what a fine fanny pack entry it makes. Seriously……a fanny pack?

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