More ugly things…

I’m adding a few things here…the first being at the request of Sarah.  Though honestly, I don’t know how I could have possibly forgotten this in the original list!!! Ew Ew EWWWWWW. And Sarah, guys in tight sweatpants are  horrid but I couldn’t find a good pic and to be on the list…it must have a good pic.  If you happen to have one laying around…feel free to send it to me and I’ll gladly add it to the master list. 😉

  • Camel Toe  
    camel toe  (A.K.A. Moose knuckles)  Number one…this cannot be comfortable.  Number two…how are you not aware this is happening?  Number three…have you not noticed the stares and stifled laughter from everyone around you?  And number four…*vomit*
  • Centipedes 
    In My Vagina?  We had these horrible things in Hawaii and they scared the absolute shitnit out of me.  One of them actually rose up like a f’in cobra and stared me down once.  They are evil, and the only way to kill them is to cut off their head…making them even scarier.  There were lots of centipede pics to choose from, but I chose this one in the hopes that someone out there in cyber-world can tell me what the hell is with the “Centipedes in my vagina.”  It seems to be a quite popular quote…
    Exhibit A: 
    centipedes in vagina
    Exhibit B:
    ha ha vagina
    Exhibit C:
    And last but certainly not least…Exhibit 4:
    Centipedes in my...
    So please…I’m begging you…if anyone out there can answer what the deal is with the vagina centipedes…just comment, dammit.
  • Mom Jeans

    mom jeans  Sadly, my mom still has a pair or two of these. And if by some unfortunate Google accident you’ve found your way here, Mom…take this as a hint to throw them away! These are flattering to no one. Even Kate Moss would look like she had a gut and a giant ass. These jeans give moms like me, who actually care what their ass looks like, a very bad name.

 I’ll be back with more later, I’m sure.  Feel free to hit me up with additions!!!


7 Responses

  1. the vagina in my centipede pictures are the best things i have ever looked at on my computer ever……………….i cannot stop laughing. i hope someone explains this bizarre phenomenem. ( i can’t spell that word). i second those fuglies…

  2. I am not sure if your pictures make me want to throw up or at laugh! so i think i will do a little of both but please keep them coming!

  3. Michelle…you have a centipede? I didn’t know that…and what’s your vagina doing in him? Are you ok?

    Hey babe, if you need a tight sweatpants model… I’m your guy 😉

  4. Staying up PAST my bedtime to find a pic of a guy wearing nuthugger sweats! Damn you.
    I’m determined to find one. Stay tuned.

  5. P.S.
    Send me your e-mail!!

  6. Can’t help you with the centipede thing but your question reminds me of the following story…. back when I worked in the Emergency Room we were payed a visit by a woman who said she had a “mouse in her vagina”…no I’m not making this up…she was very obviously mentally disturbed as she insisted (after examination showed no such thing) that she had a family of mice that nested in there every night. That’s a special kind’a sick!

  7. OMG! (I feel like I’m 15 when I type that….) Speaking of camel toe, have you seen this???

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