No, sweetie…he’s just weird sometimes

Time:  7 AM

Scene:  Boog has just finished eating breakfast, and is getting his shoes on.  Dramamama is sitting at the dining room table eating Lucky Charms while I comb her hair.  Snoop, who has woken up with a frightening amount of energy and cheer is doing some sort of odd dance.

Me:  “Your daddy is silly, guys.”

Boog: (giggling) “Yeah he is.”

Drama: “I think he drunk the alcohol.”


3 Responses

  1. Too funny. We need to publish a book of Drama’s quotes.

  2. I really think your hubby has hit on something! Someone needs to publish a book like this….in a chicken soup for the souls format! Everyone can contribute to the book with their own children’s fabulous quotes and stories! Or maybe a book like this already exists??!!

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmm. drunk the alcohol, i think not.

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