Drama’s not the only funny one…

So I’m tucking Boog into bed and doing his nightly “tickle rub,” when he sneaks his hand out from the blanket, sticks his fingers in my face and says:

“Smell this.”


Me:  “Ew…no! Did you have them in your butt?”


Boog:  “Yeah…it stinks!”


Me:  “I know…and I’m not smelling that!  That’s nasty!  You know that’s dirty, right?”


Boog:  “Are there germs there?”


Me:  “Uh…yeah!  That’s nasty!”


**Boog then sticks his fingers in his arm-pit**


Boog:  “Smell this!”


Me:  “That’s just gross, bud.  I am not smelling your armpits.”


Boog:  (sniffing fingers proudly)  “I have man stink.”


4 Responses

  1. just like a man when they fart under the sheets, and then hold your head underneath them… men are proud of their man stink. let’s face the facts

  2. That’s MY boy. (inser Tim “the tool man” Taylor’s pattented grunt here)

    No Michelle….we just like to torture our women with our stink. Anyway, it’s not like my wife smells like roses all the time either.

  3. mandi’s ass is as rank they come. you got that one. but even women are foul sometimes…

  4. SSSSHHHHHH Michelle, quiet down. I think Mandi (I mean AMANDA) is trying to trick people into thinking she’s a “lady” or “girlie girl” , but we know the truth, don’t we?

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