One of the many reasons I love Boog…

One of our good friends is separating from her husband, and I tried to explain what that means to Boog last night.  Her son and Boog are great friends (despite their frequent arguing…the really do adore each other!), so I thought it was important that he understand what was going on.  Sometimes he just amazes me with his insight and empathy.  I explained that B’s mom and dad were having a little trouble lately and needed to take a little break from each other, so he was going to move in with his friends for a little while. 

Boog : “Kinda like B and I needed to take a little break from each other (due to the frequent arguing mentioned earlier), but we worked it out and now we’re all good?”

Me: “Yeah, bud.  Something like that, only with grown-ups.”

Boog:  “I hope they can get all good too.”

Me: “Me too, buddy.”

Boog: “Do you think B will be kinda sad?”

Me: “Yeah…he probably will be.”

Boog: “I think I’ll just tell B that if he is ever feeling sad, he can just come here and maybe he’ll feel better. And I’ll let him know it’s OK to be sad.  And to cry”

Altogether now…. “Awwwww….”


3 Responses

  1. AWWWWW!!!!! Boog is so sweet! Now if only we can convince ben he really IS cool!!! I am so glad he has such sweet friends!

  2. Awwww!!!!

    He sounds sweet. My parents divorced, too, but not till I was 16. It was still very tough, but I can’t imagine how much harder it has to be for a little guy.

  3. But little “B” IS cool. If he’s sad this weekend just bring the little man back over here. We’ll try and cheer him up.

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