Saturday night self-awareness…

So…guess what I found out?  79 words

Speedtest.  That was supposed to look all cool and say “I can type 79 words per minute.”  But being the sped that I am, it doesn’t.  Oh well….

I feel so much better knowing that now.  Though considering how much I type at work, I’m kinda disappointed.  I guess I’ll have to practice more. 

Ooohh…I also found out this little tidbit:

Oliver Oken

Oliver Oken
Your Oliver Oken! Your Pretty Much Laid-Back Just Waiting For Hannah Montana To Ask You Out!

Isn’t that exciting??? I’m a sort of weird looking, shaggy-headed 15 year old boy and I’m “just waiting” for a fake pop star to ask me out! Super cool.  Boog will totally love me even more, because he thinks Oliver is the cat’s ass in pajamas. 

So then I cruised on over to, where I scored a big old 60% in “Guess the Spot.”  It’s an incredibly stupid game where you have to identify aerial shots of landmarks…I got some obvious ones right (Times Square), and few less obvious (Colosseum in Italy), and totally fucked up on others (George Bush’s Ranch).  Who the hell can identify an aerial shot of W’s ranch?! We aren’t supposed to be able to see that, are we?

So my failure at that particular test (yes…60% is failing to me) got me very annoyed and I decided to take the quiz “How Stressed are you?”  And this is what I learned…

How Stressed Are You??Your Score: 66%
Minimal Stress, Mostly Just Bored (60-69%)
You aren’t really stressed, you’re just most likely really bored, lonely, or tired. You aren’t getting what you want out of life, and you need to get out of your funk and get out there!

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

I’m bored??? Gee…ya think???

So to relieve my boredom…I told Snoop to join me in some on-line mad-libs.  Those were always so much fun when we were kids!  He seemed a little annoyed to be doing this, but being the good sport that he is…he humored me and we came up with this:

As heard by Brian
I had this totally hairy dream last night! I was sitting on a booger and it started to smack quickly. I didn’t know what to do so I started flopping briskly. Then suddenly it whacked and I turned into a jug! I was so stagnant that I walloped to Bangkok down the street. When I got there, I found a wood shed splitting stealthily which made me want to pick. Well, I must have been thrusting for at least 5 minutes when you came up to me, looking rather tall, and said, ‘Crikey!’ And then you started spazzing on my face! Just then I woke to find that it wasn’t you doing it but my monkey instead!

**his monkey was spazzing on his face? I’m not sure I want to know what that means**

That was just too much fun for me…I think I need to give up the hope of something exciting happening and go to bed. 


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  1. Yeah, be careful….monkeys are known to do that sort of thing.

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