Happy Birthday, Snoop!!!

Now that the birthday celebration is pretty much over (one day early), I can share the stories that were screaming to be blogged from my shopping excursion with Dramamama yesterday.  The girl is hysterical. 

First stop was the liquor store, which in NC is called the “ABC store.”  When Drama got in the car, she asked where we were going, so I said “The ABC store.”  She got very excited and said, “Oooohh…an alphabet store!”  We arrived at the alphabet store, and I really just wanted to get in and out…I remember going to state stores with my dad when I was a kid and it was always so boring.  Not for my Drama, tho…she loved it!  She checked out every single bottle, and had a particular fondness for the section of drinks that are primarily consumed by high school kids.  Such as…
                                    Aftershock    and    Goldschlager

I hope this isn’t an indication of things I’ll need to worry about in the future… There was also a big statue of Captain Morgan there, and Drama was beyond excited to hang with the lovely pirate for awhile.  But sadly, we had to leave.  We checked out and as we were leaving, Drama told the cashier, “Thank you for letting me look at your pretty bottles!” 

We headed to Target, wher…as you have already learned in this post… Drama was being her normal, extremely silly self.  I told her Daddy could use some new t-shirts, so we went to the men’s t-shirt section and told her she could pick whichever one she wanted.  This, my friends, is what she chose:Photobucket

He’s gonna be so sexy.  I’ll have to beat the ladies off with a stick.  Or a plunger. 

Then it was time to get a card.  I took her to the card section, and showed her where the “Daddy” cards were.  I didn’t notice she had moved down the aisle a bit to the more “mature” cards.  She came over with a picture of two studly shirtless men and said “I think we should get this one for Daddy!”  I laughed and asked why on earth she thought Daddy would like a card with sexy men on it.  Her answer…”they have muscles and Daddy has muscles, so he’d like it!”  I managed to convince her that it was a card to give to a lady, and maybe the next time one of my friends had a birthday we’d get it for them (I believe you’re next on the calendar, Bootyfull!).  So she put it back, and went back to her hunt.  About a minute later, she started cracking up and shouted out “I found it, Mommy! I found the perfect card for Daddy!”


Looks innocent enough…it’s a cake, right?  But then she showed me why she was laughing…


Yep.  It’s a hideous stripper.  Drama explained it kinda like this, “This one is definitely for a man, because this is a lady.  A fat lady.  And she doesn’t have any bras on!” (she can’t seem to get the idea that although there are two cups, bra is actually a singular word)  I tried to tell her it wasn’t appropriate to give to her Daddy, I tried to tell her it was a grown-up card…but I couldn’t.  She was so excited about it, she chose it all by herself, and I knew Snoop would crack up.  So that’s what we got.  And to make it even better, Boog was thrilled with his sister’s choice in cards and asked to sign his name to it as well. 

And speaking of Boog…I feel like he hasn’t gotten enough blog-time lately.  So just for good measure…here’s my man in one of his random get-ups today…

He wanted to complete the look with some chin hair.  I told him I didn’t have any extra hair to give him, and he said “What about maybe some armpit hair?”  I told him I didn’t have any armpit hair right now, so he found Snoop and asked him.  Mean old Snoop said no.  Sorry Boog…


4 Responses

  1. Yeah, mean ‘ol Daddy won’t cut off some of his armpit hair to glue to his kids face. What am I thinking? Thanks for all the liquor babe. Great birthday!

  2. happy birthday snoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loved the blog, although as the bflmnop i get to hear all of these fabulous stories in detail either pre or post blog. however i love reading every moment of it. by the way, the card is even better than i could have imagined

  3. isn’t the card great? I laughed my ass off when I read it and showed it to my parents. What a card to get from you kids. Too freakin funny. I love my family!

  4. Aww…Happy Belated Birthday Snoop! I knew it was coming up! Damn. Oh, and thanks but no thanks…you’re going to have to explain why certain girls would prefer cards with girls on them come July. ;p

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