Fun with echos…

I had a great Mommy-Drama day at Target today.  Any day at Target is a good day, but when things like this happen, it makes it an excellent Target experience.  For some reason both of my kids love to use the single bathroom by the pharmacy whenever we’re there, and today was no exception.  While waiting for Drama to do her business, we had a little chat:  

Drama: (sitting on the toilet) “Hello! Hello! Helllloooooo!”

Me:  “Hello to you!”

Drama: “I’m not actually saying hello, Mommy.”

Me:  “What? Then what are you saying?”

Drama: “Noooo, silly! I’m saying hello, but I’m not saying it so you say it back!”

Me: “So why are you saying it? And why are you yelling?”

Drama:  “Cause it’s all echo-y in here.  That’s pretty cool, huh? Hellllloooooo!”

Me: “Yeah, that is pretty cool.  But I think you’re a little loud.”

Drama:  “Do you think the people out there can hear me? Like, does my echo go out that crack under the door into the air in the store and people hear it?”

Me: “I’d imagine it does, babe.  Can you please stop yelling and just finish going to the bathroom so we can get out of here?”

*Drama doesn’t answer me.  Grips the seat and looks very determined.*

Me: “Are you pooping?”

*Still no answer.  More determination.*

Me: “Seriously…are you pooping? You poop entirely too much.”

*Drama squeezes really hard and rips out a huge man-fart.*

Me: “Oh my! Excuse you!”

Drama:  “So do ya think they heard that too? Cause it sure was loud!”

Me: “Yes, it was loud. Good job with that.  So, can we go now?”

Drama: “Sure! I didn’t have to poop…I just really wanted to fart.”

*Drama hops off the toilet, wipes, and turns around to flush.  Stops abruptly, and leans so far into the toilet I thought she was going to dunk her head.*

Drama: “Well look at that!”

Me: “What? And what are you doing?”

Drama: (points into the toilet, mouth agape) “It’s the tiniest turd I ever saw!!!  I guess that fart was just so big it pushed that little guy out, huh?” 

Me: “You are insane, Drama.”

Drama: “Yeah, I know.  But I’m pretty funny too.”


6 Responses

  1. i can see why drama is the funniest person you know. i am still laughing. i cannot believe she farted so people would here. priceless

  2. my…my…my….that’s YOU’RE little girl. Priceless

  3. Oh my…tears running down my face….stitch in my side….that’s the best damn blog entry I’ve read all week! Thank you for the laugh! I’ll definitely be back!

  4. i see a future in the entertainment industry for ms. drama!

    Senora Patron
    bloghoppin’ and sippin’ on a Friday nite cuz my life is just THAT exciting. ☺

  5. LMAO… seriously THAT was funny!

  6. ANd that why why we all have kids, for priceless moments like that. thank Drama for cheering me up please!

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