Ok…so date night has been put on hold until tomorrow.  Snoop’s very into his motorcycle right now, and I’m quite enjoying surfing the net with wine and talking to my BFFLMNOP.  In my surfing I came across this story, where I learned that Richie Sambora was arrested for DUI with his daughter in the car!!!!  What the fuck, Richie???  I’ve been such a fan of his since I was about 8 years old, but this one made me lose just a little bit of respect.  OK…a lot of respect.  I know he’s been thru some hard times lately…he got divorced, his father died, he dated and broke up with ho-bag Denise Richards…  He’s been to rehab (more than once, I believe), and I’m not knocking him for drinking.  I understand he’s got an alcohol problem, and honestly…I kinda understand why he feels the need to drink.  But c’mon, Richie!!! Your daughter was IN. THE. CAR.  I’m not one of those high and mighty prudes who thinks you should never take a sip of an alcoholic beverage when you’re with your kids…hell, I have had a few glasses of wine myself tonight while my kids are upstairs sleeping.  But I would never think about getting behind the wheel of a car with them!  (I wouldn’t drive at all right now, but especiallywith them!) I just don’t get it…he’s f’in Richie Sambora!!! Like he couldn’t get a cab, or a limo, or a fan (*a’hem*…I’ll give ya my number for future use) to give him a ride????

I think I’m more angry about this than I should be.  Maybe I need another glass of wine.


3 Responses

  1. Drink ‘er down! woooooohhhoooo

  2. i was saddened to hear the news about richie too. hot bon jovi men don’t do things like that…

  3. God I love Bon Jovi.
    They’re bad boys, of course they do stuff like that 🙂

    TMZ is saying he wasn’t legally intoxicated (maybe).

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