• Days off.  I do NOT have to go to work tomorrow.  Yes, I have a lot to do at work, but even the head RBC needs a spring break (even if it is only for a day).
  • The adorable, teeny tiny cartons of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream with the ridiculous spoon in the lid.  I got so excited when I saw them; one, because I love teeny tiny things and two, because I won’t feel like such a pig for eating an entire carton in one sitting.  Tho I did buy three of them, so….

                                                               cookie dough

  • Yummy wine.  Considering I don’t have work tomorrow…I plan to enjoy me some red wine as it was intended to be enjoyed.  And that would be in massive quantities.  I have 3 bottles (and it’s not all for me…I’m sure Snoop will have at least a glass or two).  First up is this delightful bottle of Tapena.  There’s supposed to be a ~ over that ‘n’ but I’m not sure how to do that.  It’s fantastic, and it has a super cool bottle to add to my kitchen decor!

                                            Tapena Tempranillo

  • Hannah Montana.  I know, I know… I have mentioned her in not such a positive light in several earlier post.  But I think I actually like her.  She’s kinda cute, and much more entertaining than most of the other kids’ shows we have to choose from.  And she’s actually got some talent, too!  Miley Cyrus is a very pretty girl, and so far…she’s not such a bad role model I suppose.  She is dressing a little too trampy grown-up in the last few red carpet pics I’ve seen of her, but until she pulls a Britney, I’m supporting her. 
  • Good intestinal bacteria.  Neither of my kids has had diarrhea or vomited all day. 
  • My job.  I worked with one of the most adorable, huggable, sweetie pie kids today and he had his first spontaneous communication during our session.  That may not seem like a super big deal to a lot of people, but it really is.  The look on his mom’s face when he busted out with a totally appropriate and not echoed “Wow!” made me remember why I love my job so much. 
  • Date night…and it’s not with a lumberjack!!!  Photobucket                                                                    (there ya go, Snoop…your updated pic has been included!) We aren’t actually going  anywhere, but we are enjoying the before-mentioned wine, a meat and cheese platter, and chocolate after the kids go to bed while snuggling up to a movie. And then, maybe we’ll enjoy something else…
  • Chicago.  I’m going there in three weeks for my future sister-in-law’s bachelorette weekend.  I’ve never been to the windy city before, and I’m so excited for so many reasons!  I totally adore Sis (that’s your new nickname, Mol!) and can’t wait to meet her sisters and friends and have a completely fun girls’ night!  As if that weren’t enough…my Jenny, who has been such a good friend to me for what seems like forever but is actually only about 8 1/2 years, moved to Chicago in January.  I’m still not done grieving over her move…our families are so close and my kids miss their BFFs so much every day.  I thought we’d be old and gray by the time we got to see each other again, but since Sis is from Chicago and her girls are hosting the festivities there I get to spend some time with my Jenny too!!! And I get to do all of this fun ALL. BY. MYSELF.  My kids are going to be so upset that they don’t get to see their friends, and I will miss Snoop whole bunches, but dammit…I need this break and I’m going to live it up!
  • The weather! It’s going to be a bee-yu-ti-ful day tomorrow and we’re going hiking.  I can’t wait!!! The kiddos are so much fun when they “explore,” and I can’t wait to see Snoop climbing the vine we discovered last time we were there.  Pics to follow, for sure on this one…
  • My kids. They are just the bestest.  They’re both being so sweet (minus a few overtired whines and tears from the Drama, but comparatively…she’s being awesome) and I could just eat them up.
  •  Photobucket   Photobucket

  • Cadbury mini eggs.  Especially when bought on clearance. Yum-MY.

                                                                 Mini Cadbury Eggs

  • Michael Jackson and the amazing technology of Youtube.  Boog is such a dancer and so into MJ (except for Thriller…the dancing zombies totally freaked him out) and his favorite thing to do is DJ up some good music on the laptop and get down.  And let me tell you…little white boy’s got some moves!  And I’m not just saying that cause I’m his mom, either!  I love my living room concerts…especially when Snoop joins in in his pajamas 😉
  • Photobucket 


  • Yummy wine.  I know I already said this, but this one is so yummy it deserves to be mentioned again. 

6 Responses

  1. sexy jammies matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why thank you Michelle. They are Christmas lights. I was just feeling festive tonight I guess. Oh and “weird beard” screw you…I likes it.

  3. Loving the pants. I wish Radio would wear clothes in the house….

    That sounds like an awesome, fabulous evening Amanda, hope you had a good time 😉

  4. sorry about the “weird beard” comment!! i can’t believe you ratted me out. lol…. hey where’s a new post – just because you had the day off does not mean you are free to not post anything… shame on you. i come and read your posts everyday after work and when there are no new ones i hang my head and cry. hey how does one post those smiley face thingies?

  5. That’s ok Michelle. I forgive you.

  6. Wahoo! Now that I’ve been mentioned in the blog, I feel that I’ve truly arrived. It feels like reading my own personal Us Weekly…I think you should add a section to the blog: “The Smiths – They’re Just Like Us!” Imagine the possibilities: “Their kids poop! They like wine! They use the Target bathroom!”

    SO excited you’re coming to Chicago….


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