Yes…I know

Yes…I am aware that this is my third post of the day.  Yes…I am also aware that there are other things that I probably should be doing.  No…I do not care.  The things that come out of my kids’ mouths at bedtime are just too damn good to keep to myself. 

Thank goodness for technology and Drama’s need to breathe when she talks, because I was able to play bedroom stenographer with my phone again tonight.  As she was getting ready for bed, she walked over to her night light…stopped and looked at it, and gave me this little gem:

“Actually, I think my night light is burned out.  *turns on night light*  Oh, wait…it’s not.  I was just trickin’ ya.  Sometimes I forget the words that come out of my mouth.  My body and my skeleton does that.  Sometimes my blood and my brains just don’t work and I can’t really hear what I’m saying.”


Then, as I’m tucking Boog into bed, telling him I love him, and giving him a super giant hug…he takes a deep, somewhat philosophical sounding breath, and says:

      “Mom…you’re pretty lucky, huh?”

       Me: “I guess so.”

       Boog: “You are. You know why?”

       Me: “Cause I have to go to work tomorrow?”

        Boog: “No way!”

        Me: “Cause I didn’t have diarrhea today?”

        Boog: *sweet giggles* “Noooooo!! That’s not lucky, that’s healthy!”

        Me: “Then I have no idea.”

        Boog: “You’re lucky cause you have the most handsome kid as your son.”

Hmmm…maybe there’s such a thing as too much praise…


3 Responses

  1. my computer is broken. wait i’m just trickin ya

  2. funny kids….they must be mine

  3. Lol, Drama sounds like my Bear. Quit apologizing and post MORE.

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