Shout out SUZY…

I know you’re reading this, and if you know anything bout me from Bootyfull you know I’m completely needy, so now is your time to comment, beotch…

That’s all for now, folks…


5 Responses

  1. Okay, okay, I will make a comment…Amanda…you have a gift for writing…you really do. Have you ever thought about a career in it? I have been entertained often in the last few weeks everytime I check into your blog. Keep them coming!

  2. Yeah, can we make some money off of this 😉

  3. how about shout out bflmnop??? just a thought… haha!!! i always said you have a knack for writing – we still need to consider that writer/editor thing we talked about long ago. remember???

  4. You could totally make some off of this, screw theraputic stuff….

  5. ok, why don’t you guys hook us up with some $$$ for entertaining you. I’ll also accept a motorcycle or motorcycle parts as payment 😉

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